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Tips For Traveling to Hawaii: Things to Do and Places to See

Travel to the Aloha State is unforgettable, and you will have a friendly Hawaiian experience that you will most likely never forget. The Hawaiian islands consist of eight major islands, and they have hundreds of minor islands. Ranked as the 27th busiest airport in the United States, Honolulu International Airport serves as a major entry port for many visitors.

Best Time to Travel

You have a perfect temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Rarely will you see temperatures rise past 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which has most likely contributed to this becoming a popular tourist destination year round. You see a continuous flow of tourists to Hawaii throughout the year, but you have major surf competitions in the winter season. You can see some of the best surfers in the world come to compete, and some competitions have become so crazy that the waves reach up to 20 feet.

The summer season doesn't have much difference in terms of temperature, but in the summer months, to the south of the islands, you will see more waves. That especially means Waikiki where many of the tourists will be located. If you want a more placid ocean on the Hawaiian islands, you might head up north where you will find the weather more agreeable.

Hike Diamond Head

The Diamond Head Trail offers you a 1.5 mile round trip where you will get 360-degree views, and while it looks like an all-day adventure, in truth, you shouldn't let this fool you. In fact, it only takes between 40 to 60 minutes for you to reach the 760-foot summit. The incredible panoramic views of the hike have made this a worthwhile adventure.

Koko Head Trail

You will most likely hear it called "Koko Head Stairs," and people take this trip for the beautiful panoramic views. You will test your strength and endurance as you climb the 1,000 stairs, and while it sounds challenging, a lot of people love this hike because of the views, and they have a ton of fun doing it. With the beauty in the background, this becomes the perfect place to present her with the solitaire engagement ring and pop the question.

Snorkeling in Shark's Cove

Ranked as one of the top 12 shore dives in the world, the south side has Pupukea tide pools, and you have a great place where you can wade in and out of to explore. Keep in mind, if waves have been forecast, the current gets strong here, and it may not be the best choice on those days. Your best time to come snorkeling here will be during the summer season. You have access to pristine reefs that typically only get seen and accessed by the local tourists.

Surf Old Man's Oahu

Known as one of the better places to go surfing for beginners, this offers you a mellow introduction to surfing. You have a laidback crowd, and this has become one of the best places for learning how to surf. You will see a diverse crowd from canoes to paddleboarders to longboarders that also love to play in the area. The crowd is diverse, and this makes it a fun area to be at.

What Island Has the Best Surfing?

If you want the best island for surfing, Oahu has the best places. Kaui, Maui and the Big Island all have their good spots for surfing, but it all began in Oahu. The birthplace of surfing, the surf culture was deeply ingrained in Oahu, and you may want to check out each of the coasts on Oahu because of how each of them has a unique feel.

Nothing compares to some of the awesome Hawaiian cuisine that you can eat here. If you want to eat Hawaiian food, check out a Luau. You will find every kind of Hawaiian food that you can imagine here like the taste borrows from many different Asian cultures. Some of the traditional Hawaiian foods include kalua pig, poi, chicken long rice, lomi salmon and laulau.