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Updated on Oct 07, 2020 Useful Info

What You Can Expect When You Visit Houston Texas

Located by the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Texas, Houston is a massive city composed of over 637 square miles of land. Its population is the highest in the state, and its economy is driven by manufacturing, aeronautics, energy and transportation industries. If you’re traveling to Houston, it’s helpful to examine the diverse city’s characteristics and offerings. The following sections describe what you’ll experience from a typical visit to Houston.

High Temperatures

Houston has a sub-tropical climate and is warmest from May to September. During the summer, the humidity keeps Houston’s heat index in the triple digits, and you’re unlikely to need a winter coat during the fall or winter seasons. Houston residents often beat the heat by contacting custom pools in Houston for customized pool installations.

Heavy Traffic

Houston and the surrounding area have a population near six million, and the population density is evident when you travel on the city’s highways. Heavy traffic is an everyday occurrence, and if you’re visiting attractions around the city, prepare for a slow trip and possible traffic jams. Although Houston has public transportation, it’s better suited for commuters than tourists. Renting a car is the simplest way to travel around the city.

Excellent Food

Located only 51 miles from Galveston, Houston is an excellent location to enjoy fresh seafood. Shrimp, grouper, snapper, cobia, wahoo, salmon and tuna are some of the marine offerings you’ll find in Houston restaurants. Seafood is one of the draws of Houston’s food scene, but its diverse community offers a wide variety of Tex-Mex, barbecue, Asian and French cuisine. Some of the local favorites include chicken and waffles and beef brisket barbecue. If you find a highly rated restaurant that you’re interested in trying, you can call ahead for reservations to avoid long lines.

Engaging Museums

There is a lot to see in Houston, but you shouldn’t miss visiting some of the city’s world-famous museums. One of the city’s biggest attractions is Space Center Houston. You can learn about Houston’s role in America’s space program and examine over 400 artifacts devoted to space travel. You can crawl into the cockpit of a space shuttle, or you may be lucky enough to walk behind the scenes at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Other notable museums include the Health Museum, Downtown Aquarium and Museum of Natural History. The Health Museum is a favorite choice for school groups and family visits because of its unique and interactive exhibits. You can walk through a model of the human body or observe organ transplants. The Downtown Aquarium houses over 200 marine species and features amusement park rides for young children. Since 1909, the Museum of Natural History has been one of the most visited museums in the country. Its massive exhibits include life-size skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Quetzalcoatlus.

Sports Arenas

Another popular attraction in Houston is its Sports Arenas. Minute Maid Park, the replacement for the iconic Astrodome, is home to the Houston Astros. The retractable roof makes it possible for players to run on natural outdoor grass for the first time in over 35 years. The park offers delicious barbecue and a beer outlet in left field for the adults.

If you’re in town during the basketball season, you might see the Rockets play at the Toyota Center. The center is also a popular location for music concerts and special events.

Discovery Green

After you’ve spent a long day touring the city, you can relax and enjoy the serenity of Discovery Green. The city’s largest public park encompasses nearly twelve acres and is a welcome relief from the heat of the city. The park has free Wi-Fi and includes several playgrounds for the kids and running trails for adults. During the summer, Discovery Green offers nighttime movies, yoga classes and toddler storytelling.

Houston is an incredible city that has plenty to offer, and you’ll look forward to returning after only a short visit.