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Updated on Sep 12, 2018 Trip Brief

One of the most beautiful ancient towns in China

User submitted photo of Huangyao Village

  • During my trip to Guilin China I wanted to see some off the beaten path attractions, a restaurant owner recommended me HuangYao Village. It's apparently ranked one the 10 most beautiful ancient towns in China, has thousands of years of history
  • It's not super easy to get to, which helps to preserve the local authenticity of this villageUser submitted photo of Huangyao Village
  • How I arrived:
  • High speed train from Guilin to Hezhou - 1hrUser submitted photo of Huangyao Village
  • Then taxi from Hezhou Trainstation to Hezhou Bus Terminal. Took the direct bus for HuangYao Village for 2 hrs, 20rmbUser submitted photo of Huangyao Village
  • Entrance ticket to the village was 100rmb. They have student tickets for half the price! TIP: dont lose your ticket, there are staff checking them inside the village. If you stay the night in the village as I did, you just need to tell them to mark a 2day stay on your ticket, no need to buy another one.
  • The best viewpoint in the village is on the roof tops of the Inns right outside the villages. If you stay there it's free, otherwise it's 5rmb to go up #STUNNINGVIEW! User submitted photo of Huangyao Village
  • The village is not so big, so I also went hiking up the Zhenwu Mountain which is east of the village. I rented a scooter from a local Inn
  • My tip is to walk around the village in early morning or late at night, there are less tourists then and you can experience more of the village itself and taste its history
  • The best time to visit apparently is right after a light rain, the reflection on the stone roads are stunning. I didn't catch any rain unfortunately :( But a beautiful trip never the less :)