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Submitted on Aug 08, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Huế from Da Nang

  • Hue is about 100km north of Da Nang. There's no flights between these two cities because of how close they are
  • The best way to travel is by train, but a coach bus option is also available. If you want something more convenient, you can also book private transfers

  • Da Nang to Hue by train (best option):
  • This is the best option because it's fast and cheap
  • Most trains take around 2h30min, but some can take longer than 3 hours
  • Fares:
  • 45,000 VND ($2USD) for a hard seat, which is basically a wooden bench. Note that not all trains have this class
  • 70,000 VND ($3USD) for a soft seat, which is a standard 2nd class seat and what I recommend getting for this trip
  • 90,000 VND - 115,000 VND ($4-$5 USD) for a bed in a 6-bed compartment
  • 117,000 VND - 127,000 VND ($5-$5.5 USD) for a bed in a 4-bed compartment
  • These fares listed above are if you buy the ticket directly from Vietnam Railways, which is the state-owned operator that runs all these trains. If you buy tickets from a 3rd party agency, the fares will be 40%-50% higher
  • 8 daily trains:
  • 2:23am -> 4:52am (2h29min)
  • 6:30am -> 10:10am (3h40min)
  • 10:03am -> 12:58pm (2h55min)
  • 12:49pm -> 3:26pm (2h37min)
  • 1:55pm -> 4:19pm (2h24min)
  • 6:45pm -> 9:24pm (2h39min)
  • 7:53pm -> 11:00pm (3h7min)
  • 11:04pm -> 1:34am (2h30min)
  • All classes in all trains are air conditioned
  • You can either buy tickets at any train station in Vietnam with cash and your passport. You can also buy online, but only through a 3rd party agency at the inflated rate. The reason is that while Vietnam Railways has its own official ticket booking site (, this site does not accept credit card payment. It only lets you pay with local Vietnamese bank account
  • You can still use to check the official fare and the current schedule
  • Da Nang Railway Station is very centrally located, and you can get there by Grab or taxi for a few USD. Hue Railway Station is located within 10-20 minute walk to the city center, you can also take a taxi for a few USD

  • Bus from Da Nang to Hue (don't recommend):
  • The alternative to taking the train is to travel by coach bus
  • To my knowledge, there is only one bus company that runs this route: The Sinh Tourist (
  • Fare is 119,000 VND ($5.25 USD) per person each way, so it's actually more expensive than train
  • They have two daily departures:
  • 9:15am -> 12:30pm (3h15min)
  • 2:30pm -> 5:00pm (2h30min)
  • You need to book ahead of time, either through their website, or through an agency like 12Go. Either way you can pay by credit card
  • Once you book, you can work out the pick up point and drop off point. I've never taken them before so I'm not sure exactly where they are. Hue is a tiny city and I'm sure the drop off point will be close to everything or just a few USD taxi ride away from everything
  • Another reason I don't recommend this option is that the Sinh Tourist have terrible reviews on Tripadvisor, rated 3 out of 5. Seems like the buses are frequently delayed