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Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb Hue Introduction

Hue - The former royal citadel of Vietnam, is famous for its majestic yet romantic delicacy. It is not a surprise when this royal city of Nguyễn Dynasty, the last reigning royal family of Vietnam, has a monumental complex of historical palaces and architectures. One of those, Tomb of Minh Mang is one of the most well-preserved websites that each tourist should see when they come to this city.

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Tomb of Minh Mang Location

Minh Mang tomb Hue is in La Khe Bai Village, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, 12 km to the west of Hue City center. People can travel by road or take a boat upstream on the Perfumr River to reach the tomb. Seeing Minh Mang's Tombfolks will be astonished to find a place of poetry, art and philosophy.

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The silent and solemn architecture set in a landscape demonstrates the Emperor's strictness and deep beliefs. Twenty years on the throne, Minh Mang brought Dai Nam country (the former title of Vietnam) and the Nguyen dynasty a strong and profitable future. This man was laid to rest in an"earthly paradise" filled with bird songs and blossoms.

Tomb of Minh Mang Hue Architectural Construction

As a staunch Confucian, a ruler was known for his firmness of character, Minh Mang's personality is clearly reflected by the design of his resting position. The briefest and most accurate way to describe Minh Mang Tomb would be rounded up by two words: tranquility and symmetrical. The construction of this tomb is a vertical central axis that leads you through the architectural constructions.

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As the gateway to the complex, Dai Hong Mon Gate has three openings, the right, and left side as well as the central. Please note that you can enter by either the left or the right gate but not the central gate that was only for the Emperor himself.

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Crossed Đại Hồng Môn Gate, you entered the tomb area and found yourself in the forecourt, also called the Honour courtyard. In this yard, especially, you will realize a conventional double row of sculptures represent mandarins, elephants, and horses. Also from here, it is easy to walk into one of 3 staircases that lead into the square Stele Pavilion, a massive stele carved with the biography of Minh Mang, the Emperor had a great contribution to expanding the largest land ever in Vietnam's history.

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After a series of courtyards and gates, Hiển Đức Gate will lead you to Sùng Ân Temple, where the magnificent Emperor and his beloved Empress Tá Thiên are worshiped. By Sùng Ân Temple, with some more steps, crossing three stone bridges, Trừng Minh lake, Minh Lâu Pavilion and Tân Nguyệt Lake will be on your eye sight.

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Being a UNESCO Heritage site, Minh Mang Tomb promises you a memorable trip to the land full of culture and history of Hue royal city. Traveling with us on the Hue Day Tour to explore this majestic Minh Mang Tomb Vietnam.

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If you just want to explore the Minh Mang Tomb by yourself without tour guides, you can book Hue City Tour By Private Car with english speaking drivers.

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Minh Mang Tomb entrance fee

To visit Minh Mang Tomb Hue Vietnam, you have to buy an entrance ticket. It costs VND 150,000/ adults and VND 30,000 for children. Kids under 5 years old are free of charge.

Minh Mang Tomb opening hours

Minh Mang Tomb Hue, Vietnam opens every day, from 7 am o 5 pm even on the New Year.