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Updated on Jul 24, 2019 Useful Info

The best way to go to Hue from Ho Chi Minh City

  • Huế is located 650 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City in a straight line, but it's actually close to 1000 km away by most forms of transportation
  • The best way to get to Huế from HCMC is by flight. While you can certainly get to Huế by train or bus, flying is so much faster and basically the same price (actually cheaper than train)
  • Flight from HCMC to Huế:
  • VietJet Air and Vietnam Airlines both have direct flights
  • Flight time is 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • Fare is cheaper on VietJet Air, costing $25-$30 USD each way. Vietnam Airlines is a little more expensive, at about $40-$50 USD each way
  • 8 flights available everyday from 6am to 9pm, so you have lots of options
  • I find Skyscanner to be very good for price comparison in Vietnam

  • Train from HCMC to Huế:
  • If for some reason you don't want to fly, train is the second best option
  • All trains in the country is operated by Vietnam Railways, and you can find the current schedule, price on its official website: https://dsvn.vn
  • There are 7 daily trains from Ho Chi Minh City to Huế, departing at:
  1. 6:00AM: arrival 1:34AM the next day (19h34min)
  2. 7:55AM: arrival at 5:55AM the next day (22h)
  3. 9:00AM: arrival at 4:52AM the next day (19h25min)
  4. 11:50AM: arrival at 10:10AM the next day (22h20min)
  5. 2:40PM: arrival at 12:58PM the next day (22h18min)
  6. 7:45PM: arrival at 3:26PM the next day (19h41min)
  7. 9:55PM: arrival at 4:19PM the next day (18h24min)
  • Fares for this route range as follows depending on class (if you book directly with Vietnam Railways):
  • Hard seat (a shared hard bench with no inclines): 617,000 VND ($27 USD)
  • Soft seat (it compares to a standard second class seats elsewhere in the world): 794,000 VND ($34 USD)
  • Hard berth (6-bed compartment): 918,000 VND - 1,104,000 VND ($39.5-$47.5 USD) depending on if you pick upper, middle, or lower bunk
  • Soft berth (4-bed compartment): 1,116,000 - 1,275,000 VND ($47.50- $54.9 USD ) depending on if you pick upper or lower bunk
  • Due to the length of the trip, I highly recommend getting a berth. I have done soft seats before for 20 hours and you will want to die after midnight. Avoid hard seats no matter what because these are painful to take for more than 5 hours (just Google Image it)
  • In terms of onboard amenities, all the trains are air conditioned in all four classes. Toilets are usually quite filthy. No wifi onboard
  • How to book:
  • The best way to book is to simply go to the train station in HCMC and reserve at least 7 days in advance. Seats on this route is extremely popular and will get sold out if you book in less than 1 week
  • The official booking site is https://dsvn.vn, which has an English version you can use. The official site does not however accept international credit cards for booking, so currently the ONLY way to book online is through an agency
  • If you book through an agency, however, the fares are always marked up by 40-50%. If you Google "Vietnam Raiways booking", all the results on the first page are agencies, including https://vietnam-railway.com and https://vietnamrailwaycorp.com which are two major agency that accept major international credit cards. But again, their fares are much higher than what you can get buying at the station or through the official website
  • The train departs from Saigon Railway Station, easily accessible by Grab from most of HCMC for less than $5-$10USD. Train arrives in Huế Railway Station, which is located within 20-min walking distance to most accommodations. Or you can take a taxi for 30,000-50,000 dongs ($1.3-$2.20 USD)

  • Bus from HCMC to Huế:
  • There's a coach bus running between Ho Chi Minh City and Huế
  • The operator is Futa Bus Lines, which is rated only 3/5 on its Tripadvisor page
  • Its website is https://futabus.vn, where you can book your ticket
  • Fare is 380,000 VND, which is $16.50 USD, per person one way
  • Only 2 buses each day, departing HCMC at 8:30AM or 2:00PM and arriving in Huế at 9:30AM or 3:00PM the following day, taking 25 hours
  • The bus is air conditioned. The seat is close to lie flat but not completely flat. This is what the seats look like:User submitted photo of Hue
  • Keep in mind that this bus service is mostly used by locals so the staff will almost certainly not speak English and there will not be English announcements
  • How to buy tickets:
  1. You can book online through its website https://futabus.vn, which has an English version
  2. Or through a 3rd party online agency like 12Go
  3. Find a local HCMC travel agency on the street
  4. Ask your local HCMC hotel to book for you
  • How to board the bus:
  • There are 5 pickup points in HCMC where a shuttle will pick you up and drive you to the bus
  • When you book your ticket through Futa Bus' website, you will choose which of the pickup point you want to use
  • If you book through an agency or your hotel, make sure you get clear instructions on which of the 5 pickup points you need to go and what time you need to be there at
  • Bus will drop you off at Phia Nam Hue Bus Station in Huế, which is actually farther from the city center than the train station. But you can take a taxi there to anywhere in Huế for a few USD