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Things To Do In Hue at night 2020

Hue Nightlife and What to do in Hue at night.

Hue imperial city is famous for its rich history, traditional customs and culture. Hue city has been the capital of the Nguyen dynasty – the last imperial feudalism of Vietnam, the Nguyen dynasty left the city with the gigantic imperial citadel, fabulous royal tombs, and arenas which tourists visit and explore during the daytime.

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A lot of people have the same question that what to do in Hue at night? This article will give you an idea of things to do and explore in Hue at night and make the most out of your evening in Hue city.

Top Things To Do In Hue at night.

Enjoy the sunset in front of the Citadel.

After the Hue city tour full day, you might visit the Hue Imperial Citadel already, but believe me, enjoy the sunset in front of the Imperial Citadel is definitely an interesting experience.

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Beautiful sunset with the wonderful architectural construction of the Citadel will be the most romantic view you have ever seen!

Enjoy best Hue street food at the Dong Ba market.

It doesn’t sound great or special until you know that Anthony Bourdain had tried the best food in Hue at the Dong Ba market.

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The best local dishes like Bun Bo Hue (Hue noodle soup with beef), Nem Lui (Frilled pork in lemongrass stick), Com Hen (Hue mixed noodles with clams), Bun Thit Nuong (Hue noodles with BBQ) and Che Hue (Hue sweet soup) which he all tried. Not his fan? Don't worry, you do not have to be his fan to love these great dishes.

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Listening folk-songs on dragon boats on Perfume River.

As you know, Hue folk songs were only for the emperor and royal family more than a hundred years ago. The traditional folk songs were mostly locally developed and preserved, let's enjoy Hue nightlife on a dragon boat and listening to the unique Hue folk songs soothe your soul on the Perfume River.

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Moreover, you also can have a romantic dinner on a dragon boat on the Perfume River with your sweetheart as the Vietnamese Titanic version.

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Drink Vietnamese Coffee and watch the colorful the Truong Tien bridge.

Be at ease with your surroundings while enjoying local Vietnamese coffee. Most of the coffee shops nearby the Perfume River have fascinating scenic views of the famous bridge – Truong Tien Bridge Hue.

Explore Hue night market

The Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street is right next to the Perfume River and Truong Tien Bridge. Mostly locals and tourists enjoy the stunning views of the other river bank where the Citadel is. Also, there are some activities in this area. Plus, local street food and souvenirs are being displayed in this night market with the cheapest price. Traveling to Hue by night, you must explore Hue Night Walking Street to get to know more about Hue local culture.

Get a beer in the walking street.

Order yourself a beer and sit on the sidewalk on the crossroads of Vo Thi Sau street while watching the human traffic on. If you love parties, you could visit different bars in the area.

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Surely, your Hue nightlife will no longer be boring. Fly to Hue now and let help you with Hue airport transfer to enjoy the rich historical and fascinating city.