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Tu Duc Tomb Hue Vietnam

Tu Duc Tomb Hue Introduction

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful works of the Nguyen Dynasty, Tu Duc Tomb is the resting place of the poet, Tu Duc Emperor. With bold architecture, surrounded by a smooth green space of mountains and forests, Tu Duc Tomb is built in accordance with a romantic poetic soul, but no less erudite.

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Tu Duc Tomb History

Tomb of Tu Duc was built by the Tu Duc emperor as a resting place and escape from the royal life. According to ancient records, Tu Duc was the famous emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, with the longest time in the 13 emperors.

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Tu Duc's real name is Nguyen Phuc Hong Nham and he was the second son of Thieu Tri emperor, the throne should have been assumed by the eldest son, Hong Bao, but due to insufficient talent, he had no will, playful and erratic personality. Tu Duc emperor was solemnly taken to the throne from his father, taking over his father to build the country.

But, unfortunately, Tu Duc was not a strong emperor who was well-versed in the country. His gentle personality, sometimes somewhat feeble, just like the character of a poet, living with plants and flowers.

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Life on the throne of Tu Duc was pessimistic and not very smooth. French rules and control Vietnam, he lost his power, and his brothers were at odds and un-unified. Tu Duc also did not have any children, so he was often depressed, so he decided to escape from those obstacles. He built a royal tomb as the second residence as a place for him to rest, get out of the sorrow, and prepare for the sudden death.

Where is it?

Tu Duc Tomb is located in Thuy Bieu Commune, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province. To get to Tu Duc Tomb, you can ride a bike, drive a scooter with helmets; take a taxi or you can book Hue Private Car. If you would like to visit all Unesco World Heritages in Hue such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Imperial Citadel, Minh Mang Tomb, and Khai Dinh tomb; you should book Hue Group City Tour via Culture Pham Travel.

The structure of Tu Duc Mausoleum

The mausoleum consists of two main parts: the worshiping area and the burial area. These two parts are arranged in parallel with each other, the Fengshui screen is Giang Khiem mountain, the back is lean on Duong Xuan mountain. The main road is Luu Khiem lake.

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From the entrance, a path leads to Luu Khiem Lake. The tiny island to the right, Tinh Khiem, is where Tu Duc took a small boat on the lake to hunt small game. Across the water to the left is Xung Khiem Pavilion, where he came to read books, get a good mood to compose, or recite poetry.

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Hoa Khiem Temple is the place where they worship Tu Duc emperor and his wife, Empress Hoang Le Thien Anh. Nowadays it houses royal artifacts. In the middle of the temple is the altar with the worshiped thrones with the larger throne was for the empress. Minh Khiem Chamber, to the right behind Hoa Khiem Temple, was the royal theatre. Dress-up photo opportunities and cultural performances are available here. Directly behind Hoa Khiem Temple is the quieter Luong Khiem Temple, dedicated to Tu Duc’s mother, Tu Du.

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Start the burial area is the Honour Courtyard. You pass between a group of guards of elephants, horses, and diminutive mandarins (even shorter than the emperor) before reaching the Stele Pavilion, which shelters a vast 20-tonne stele. Tu Duc drafted the inscriptions himself. He freely admitted he'd made mistakes and named his tomb as Khiem (Modest). The tomb, enclosed by walls, is on the far side of a tiny lagoon. It’s a drab monument and the emperor was never interred here; where his remains were buried (along with great treasures) is not known. To keep it secret from grave robbers, all 200 servants who buried Tu Duc were beheaded.

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The landscape of Tu Duc Mausoleum is like a painting full of classic colors with bridges across a small lake. With the green pine trees whispering in the wind, tourists will experience in a fresh, airy space, and it is not difficult to get an extremely "classic", "Ancient", check-in photograph.