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Unforgettable Colors of Autumn at Hunza valley, A trip towards heaven.

We have been planning for Hunza valley trip in last summer vaccination but cancel the trip because of work overload but we are clear by mind we defiantly visit the Hunza Valley at this autumn season. First we decide to go by plane because go through by road will takes more than 16 hours and tiredness of travel in another factor but we drop this idea because go through plane will save our time and we may reach early to our destination but we don't want to miss natural scenery of tall mountains and greenery of trees.

We divided distance in steps, first we stayed at Naran for one night. Naran is small town surrounded with green mountain and famous because of food and tourist points. At Naran every moment is worthy and we don't want to miss the any view of natural scenery. I have no words how to explain the beauty of natural views at every turn it's just wow Stunning.

Drive through road is completely different experience because derive in between the mountains along Karakoram Highway is much difficult as compared to normal highway. Thats why we hire local taxi driver, he knows all the ways and the difficulties of the road and how to overcome these obstacles.

After reaching Hunza we stayed at Serena Inn, which has elegance view of surrounding mountains and green valleys. Breath in between the green mountains feels like breath in heaven such a pure air, no pollution and noise. Nights are peaceful and so quite, glamorous view of moon in between the mountains and scattered stars claim us that we are really forget the beauty of nature while living in big polluted and noisy cities.

Places Near Hunza Valley

Surroundings of Hunza valley full of historical places and glamorous tourist points.

  1. Baltit Fort
  2. Altit Fort
  3. Eagles Nest
  4. Attabad Lake

Baltit Fort

This fort is build about 700 years ago by Tibetan and over the years fort structure was rebuild by Hunza Nagar rulers. The Mir of Hunza leaves the fort in 1945 because at that time fort structure was weak because of maintenance negligence.

Fort is almost 20-minute away from Serena Inn through foot walk on steep hills so comfortable shoes are needed to handle the balance at steep hills. The eminent view of the Hunza valley is well worth the effort you put to reach at the top point.

User submitted photo of Hunza Valley

Rs.260 pay for ticket and hire local guide for 45 minute, he will tells the stories and history of fort and about people of the valley how they live, what are their traditions and main events.

Altit Fort

No one exactly knows when this fort is built but the maintenance of this fort began in 2004 and now it is open for tourists. Kha Basi Cafe present near the fort owned by a women. The cafe is famous for tea and consider as a best spot where you can see the the whole valley in one single view.

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Eagles Nest

This point is famous for sunset and sunrise, the beautiful view of light changing sun will exert the tiredness which you feel after 40 minute derive on steep hills. Cafe The Hunza is the best place at that point which is famous for their huge, fluffy pancakes which are available in different varieties and highly recommended by me.

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Attabad Lake

Blue shade of water surrounded with mountain. This lake does not exist until 2010, A huge landscape cause of his formation. Lake is 40 minute drive away and you can get ride of 50 km on boat with in RS 2000.

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Question you may ask.

  • Why visit Hunza valley during Autumn Season?

Ans: Hunza valley is known by their greenery and in season of autumn all the trees and plants changes their colors and most of the tourist go their in Autumn season.

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  • Which part of the journey is hardest and why?

Ans: Walking on steep steep hills and weather.

  • How much cost required for one person?

Ans Almost Rs 13000 per person.

  • Which type of tour guide you can hire?

Ans If you are foreigner then hire someone who knows English and you can hire online its better.

  • What's the most costly things during the journey?

Ans Traveling and food are most expensive part of our journey it's good if you bring dry fruits. Don't use vehicles to save time try to reach through by walk if you want to see deep inside the valley.

  • What i recommend for this journey.

Ans Don't rent camps bring your own camp bags this will saves your money and bring some dry fruits with you it will help you to keep you energy full while you are walking deep inside the mountains.