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Submitted on Apr 16, 2018 Useful Info

Avoid train station scams in India with those tips

Types of scams:

  • there will be people pretending to be station staff and tell you the ticket window for foreigners are closed today;
  • or offer to help you to buy tickets but change your tickets to a lower tier;
  • or tell you the last train to your destination has left and offer/suggest you to book a car;
  • or tell you right before the train leaves that you need to buy a Foreigner Boarding Pass from Foreigner Service Centre but you won't make the train or the service centre is closed today, so you should take a minibus


  • book your tickets online, or buy tickets in person at government certified counters, ignore strangers to offer to "help"
  • As a foreigner, all you need is your passport and visa to board the train, no so-called boarding pass needed