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To Iran we go Americans!

Contrary to popular belief U.S. citizens are allowed in Iran though there is a lot of paperwork involved before a visa is issued. So for the Americans who want to visit Tehran, it's about time!

Booking a tour

  • Whether you are traveling solo or as a group, U.S. citizens must book a tour with one of the tour agencies in Iran. Luckily the tour agencies that deal with U.S. citizens provide excellent services. You can book a tour online.
  • The tour agency will then present your information to the ministry of foreign affairs in Iran to begin getting approval for the visa.

Authorization codes and VISAs

  • After your information has been submitted to the ministry an authorization code will be sent to you that will give you the go-ahead to send your passport and visa application form to the nearest Iran embassy. (An authorization code does not guarantee you'll get a visa)
  • U.S. citizens should begin this process as early possible as there is no Iran embassy in the U.S.
  • Iran visa applications are handled by the Pakistan embassy in Washington, DC under the Iranian interests department, however, this takes time as the Iran visa applications are considered secondary to the consular activities of the embassy.
  • Pick your documents after around a month.
  • In case you're approved and granted the visa then you can proceed to book a flight and off to Iran, we go!

Iran culture

  • As much as Iran is among the most open-minded Islamic societies, the locals are still extremely conservative.
  • Public display of affection and homosexuality are not allowed and carry very harsh punishments. Remember the law is to obeyed by both locals and foreigners.
  • Guys should leave shorts and sleeveless shirts at their hotel rooms or in the U.S. as men are not allowed to walk in public dressed in them.
  • Ladies should always put on a headscarf when in public. No need to worry if you don't have one you can shop for some at the local market in Tehran when you arrive.
  • Ladies, ensure you cover up. Don't wear shorts, minis, tight pants and sleeveless tops.


  • Debit and credit cards can be used at a few selected outlets but it's more convenient to carry cash as it is accepted by all traders.
  • Convert your dollars to Iranian Rial that why you won't have any challenge when you want to purchase items.


  • Call, email and texts services are all available in Iran so no need to worry about how you'll communicate with people who are in the U.S.
  • The most commonly used language in Iran is Persian though some Iranians speak English

Where to visit

  • Iran is a very beautiful country with many wonderful sites to behold, from state of the art mosques to world heritage parks. There's a lot one can see here!
  • Below are some of the places you should definitely check out:

Tehran city

User submitted photo of Iran

Azadi towers

User submitted photo of Iran


User submitted photo of Iran

And those are only just a few of the magical sceneries in Iran so why not come and see the other sites personally? Let's go explore magical Iran!

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Wooow! This one again! I like the coverage ,informative ,simple and real.Thanks ,I look forward to be the international tourist of Iran quite soon.