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7 Best Things You Shouldn't Miss When in Rome, Italy

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Rome, Italy, is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. There’s no wonder why it’s been the subject of many films over the years, and now, it’s a major travel destination for everyone interested. With that said, if it’s your first time going to this gorgeous Italian city, read on to find the best spots you shouldn’t miss when you’re there.

Vatican City

One of the places that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Rome, Italy, would be Vatican City. Technically speaking, Vatican City is entirely separate from Rome. It’s a distinct territory separate from Rome, but it’s still an enclave within Rome, which is why it makes the list here.

You can visit plenty of religious buildings like St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, and more. However, one issue would be that there are incredibly long lines at these attractions, so remember to get there early.

If you want to save some time, get yourself Vatican skip the line tickets, which you can purchase online. These will be more expensive than your regular tickets, but these allow you to move on without waiting for a long time. Thus, allowing you to incorporate more activities into your itinerary for the day.


One of the most famous sights to see in Rome would be the Colosseum. The Colosseum was an arena and was able to hold about 50,000 spectators at one time. As you most likely know, the Colosseum is where people can watch many hand-to-hand combats between many gladiators.

When visiting the mighty Colosseum, most of the tours might get you to the first and second tiers of the Colosseum. However, if you want to experience all that the Colosseum has to offer, you should consider joining a Colosseum underground tour. The underground tour gets you to access to the restricted areas of the Colosseum.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, or the Fontana di Trevi, is perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful fountains in the world. The intricate sculptures and the soft flowing of the water make for a spectacular scene to admire. It might be a short trip to admire the fountain, but it’s certainly worth it.

One thing that people often do there is going to toss coins. There is a myth associated with the fountain that did not even originate in the olden days. The tale came from the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain” that aired back in 1954.

In that movie, the myth states that you will return to Rome if you toss a single coin. Two coins mean that you’ll fall in love with a beautiful Italian. With three coins, you’re going to marry whichever person you meet. The key here is to toss the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a well-preserved monument despite being more than 2000 years old. However, the lack of records has made it hard to figure out what went on during its construction. Thus, there is no clear information on the designer as well as how long the construction took.

Nowadays, the Pantheon became the final resting place of many famous Renaissance figures. For example, Italian Renaissance painter Raphael was laid to rest within the Pantheon. Aside from that, it still regularly functions as a Catholic church where masses continue to be held, but it’s also a popular tourist destination.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are a reasonably popular set of stairs that you can find in the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. You can enjoy many of the shops and cafes located at the bottom of the steps there. At the top, you can go to the Trinita dei Monti church.

The Spanish Steps had a massive upsurge of popularity, especially for American tourists, because it served as a backdrop for the movie Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn.

Piazza Navona

If you want some time admiring the city and taking things slow, the best place to do that would be at the Piazza Navona. This plaza is pretty close to the Pantheon as well as the Trevi Fountain. Aside from that, it’s the best place to shop, and people watch since there are plenty of both artists and street vendors and shops around.

The plaza also contains three gorgeous fountains that you can admire. Going on either a tour or a self-guided walk is great to do here.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is a fort and castle meant to serve as a mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his family. Aside from serving as a mausoleum, Castel Sant’Angelo also served as a fort and a prison. Now, it’s a museum for many tourists to admire.

When you climb the top of the castle’s ramparts, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of St. Peter’s Square as well as the city of Rome.

Over to You

Rome is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. However, the ones on this list should cover some of the major tourist spots that you can go through to get the verified Rome, Italy, first-time tourist experience. If it’s your first time, these are the spots that should be on your itinerary when you’re in Rome so that you get to enjoy its rich history and culture.