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Pink city in India - Jaipur

Jaipur - the Pink City

Jaipur - the famous Pink City in India, is the capital of Rajasthan state. The city is built in the early 18th century. And is one of the most visited cities in India, both by Indians and foreigner travelers.

India's desert capital is located approximately 5h drive from Dehli.

The most popular Jaipur attractions, besides its pink city walls and buildings, are the ancient palaces and forts, with elaborate architecture that serves as a splendid reminder of their royal legacy.

There is even a local law that commands all buildings in Jaipur to be painted the characteristic pink. The reason is that this pink is a noble color and the entire city was painted, under the direction of the Maharajah for the visit of Prince Albert in 1876.

Situated between Delhi and the tourist-popular Rajasthan area, the city is a convenient destination to add to any tour of the region. For visitors following the “Golden Triangle Tour route” Jaipur has a unique atmosphere and heritage when compared to Delhi and Agra.

Best Time To Visit

  • Summers are extremely hot in Jaipur. So is not the best time to visit. The high season in Jaipur is from October to March, but during these months Jaipur may be very it crowded.
  • The best season to visit Jaipur I would recommend is during the winter months of November through to February. During this time the temperatures will at be the lowest.
  • From April until the monsoon (July) temperatures can reach an intolerable +40C and combined with the pollution it makes sightseeing almost impossible.

How To Get There

Since the distance is only 5 hours, a scooter or bike ride would is a common choice for enthusiastic bikers. Otherwise, you can rent a car.

  • RSRTC offers direct buses from Dehli to Jaipur.
  • Private bus operators offer affordable tickets starting from Rs. 300 and up.

Public transport options

The distance from Delhi to Jaipur is approximately 268km. Take a look at the 3 routes available to reach Jaipur from New Delhi

1.New Delhi to Jaipur by flight

You can travel from New Delhi to Jaipur by booking a flight. The total flight time between New Delhi & Jaipur is around 55min.

2.Reach New Delhi to Jaipur by train

You can reach Jaipur from New Delhi by traveling in a train. New Delhi to Jaipur train takes approximately 3h 46min.

3.Reach New Delhi to Jaipur by bus

Traveling on a bus is one of the ways to reach Jaipur from New Delhi. The total journey between New Delhi & Jaipur takes around 5 h 00min in a bus.

What is the hidden and unusual tourist attraction of Jaipur?

  • The stand out the monument of Jaipur is the Amer Fort, this 16th-century palace stands atop a cliff and has a commanding view over the region. The interior of the palace demonstrates the wealth and power of the mogul leaders; with jewel inlaid rooms to reflect the nights’ sky, cleverly designed air cooling systems and a harem with secret passages.

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  • The pink stone Temple of Galtaji at Galwar Bagh is an idyllic sanctuary in the heart of Jaipur.

A temple dedicated to the Hindu ape god Hanuman is one of the most popular on the site because a tribe of his present-day monkey relatives lives there. Along with living in the Galtaji temple, the monkeys also sway from the complex temple facades and cause chaos for guests and pilgrims.

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  • The 953 windows covering the lace-like facade of the Palace of the Winds were planned to allow the women of the royal court to watch the scene of the streets unobserved behind their delicate latticework.

Known as Hawa Mahal in Hindi, the Palace of the Winds was constructed in 1798 for Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh as part of the women’s section of the enormous City Palace at the center of Jaipur

  • Massive Jaigarh Fort was built in 1726 and holds great appeal for military lovers. Flanked by towering gateways and watchtowers, it contains the world's largest cannon on wheels. The cannon has never been fired though, and neither has the fort been captured.

  • Jantar Mantar observatory has a specific astronomical purpose. There are 14 buildings in total, which measure time, predict eclipses, and track stars. The most impressive one is the huge Samrat Yantra sundial. At a height of 26 meters, it has a shadow that moves about the width of a person's hand every minute. It's a great display of how quickly time pass

  • Just a short ride outside the town of Jaipur, you’ll find a group of royal tombs. It’s a peaceful, wonderful spot.

Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan is the royal crematorium grounds for the Kachwaha, a Rajput clan that governed in the region. The site was designated by the founder of Jaipur in the 18th century.

The structures point the spots where former rulers were cremated.

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  • The serene Galta valley holds the trail of Chour Ghati trek. Within the laps of natural beauty and crossing paths by green trees, the trek leads you to explore Sun temple, Chour palace and a lake in the woods. And the view of the trail is itself so mesmerizing that you will think of soon return.

  • Chand Baori in Abhaneri is among the largest, if not the largest, of the step-wells. It is also perhaps the most visually spectacular.

The old step well has consisted of 3500 narrow steps along more than 13 stories. The well extends up to 30 meters into the ground letting it become one of the deepest and largest step wells in India.

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