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Submitted on Jun 02, 2019 Useful Info

A complete guide to the public transport system in jamaica

  • The public transport system here consists of ;
  1. Ferries
  2. Metro system
  3. Buses
  4. Taxis


  • The ferry system here isn't efficient compared to buses or any other public means of transport. However, between the coastal towns of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril, the system is generally up to standard.


  • This option is only available in Montego Bay and Kingston.
  • Montego Bay has three routes that run from the city center to various suburbs.
  • Kingston's metro is well developed and runs almost throughout the whole city


  • This is generally the most common way of getting around.
  • There's quite a number of well-developed transport lines including;
  1. Knutsford express - this bus company connects to almost all major towns from Kingston.
  2. Jutc- these buses serve the Kingston metropolitan region.
  • Bus transport is generally inexpensive here, public transport buses are not branded in any given color but the locals are kind and can help you find a bus if you have a challenge getting one.


  • Licensed public transport taxis have red plate numbers that begin with PPV.
  • Some taxis have the initial JUTA and are usually for tourists.
  • There are also inter- town taxis that only leave when all passenger seats are taken.