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Wild Great Wall Jiankou Hiking Tour

Dreaming of challenging yourself at Jiankou, wild Great Wall of China? My American friend Ben asked me to share his interesting story of his Great Wall hike to Jiankou, the wild part of the Great Wall in Beijing. Ben was an immigrant from China to America and is now working at Facebook.

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Climbing Jiankou Great Wall is my dream

Going to the Great Wall when I was young was probably more difficult than going to Cuba now. It seemed that I was going to take a train to Juyongguan, drilled a lot of caves, and the oily smoke floating in from the car windows made a greasy twist. Then I forgot how I came here, I remembered to walk under the feet of the darkened Zhan Tianyou. Anyway, you really had to be a hero to go to the Great Wall at that time. At that time, there were not many heroes who returned to Baodui on the Great Wall.

When I was in college, I went to Mutianyu when I went to the Great Wall. At that time, it was still the Wild Great Wall and nobody was in charge. We only arrived a few evenings, climbed to the top to find a beacon tower, smashed trees and weeds, set fire to drink in the beacon tower, and spent the night.

Once I told my fellow travellers, I didn't believe it, but I didn't mean that I had remembered the Great Wall of Jiankou.

I'm just talking about Jiankou. I heard that it is a place where people often die, but I haven't been to it.

As a result, I was despised again immediately. You dare not go with the arrow. You can only count as a donkey skin that can boil Ejiao, not a whole donkey.

Starting my Jiankou hike

At the end of November 2019, I joined a poor ghost group and stayed in Beijing for three days. I moved my mind, what's new in Badaling in the Summer Palace, or else, go home and take a look at the donkey buckle? Leaving the team with the tour guide, people know that I don’t seem to be able to buy jewellery silk cloisonne. I was thinking about saving tickets. It’s very expensive. I’ll have a lot of money right away. Be careful. Be careful.

User submitted photo of Jiankou Great Wall

Although the name of Jiankou is full of ancient meaning, it is not an ancient name. It is a few contemporary artists who make wild paintings. Going to the flat old Great Wall in the valley, see that there is a city wall on the left and right flying down steeply from the top of the mountain on the left. Imagine if you take an extra long pinewood handle. The tops of the mountains on both sides are joined together, just like a big bow full of openness, and the two sides of the Great Wall built on the steep mountains are like bowstrings torn down by force. Standing here, from a distance, you can see the tall buildings in Beijing tens of kilometers away floating in the clouds and mist, just as if you are standing on the full arrow button, as long as you let go, you can shoot people. Go to the Jiankou Great Wall buildings.

After going up and looking back, the flat section below is the so-called arrow button.

My Jiankou tour guide Siye

The tour guide Meng Siye is not tall, short and sturdy, with a big beard, and looks like a legendary white soldier. It is estimated that I will bring down seven or eight me, so I don't need to breathe. Actually speaking, I'm still a few years younger than me. I think the name Mengsiye sounds like a cow, and I just yelled like my grandfather. It is said that their villagers were a team of elite soldiers in their old life. They were placed in the place east of Beijing where birds do not shit, and guarded the return of the royal family. I sighed casually, "Speaking of which, if it weren't for you guys who are always afraid of rebellion, we wouldn't have missed the scientific and technological revolution, and let people clean up to the point of almost subjugating the country." The fourth master laughed, "Speaking of this arrow button, it is famous for its risk. So, three people die almost every two years. The village wanted to develop this scenic spot before, but a pillar was hit on the mountain and the railing was tied up. People look at it, but it’s still too dangerous. In many places, the city bricks are loose and broken. If someone slips and rolls down, and the money is not enough to compensate, the pillars that have been laid will be sawed again.

User submitted photo of Jiankou Great Wall

Those in Badaling, Mutianyu and Jinshanling are said to be climbing, but in fact they are just walking a little harder. There really is no such thing as Jiankou that requires both hands and feet. However, after climbing for two parts, I felt that climbing would climb the ears, and it was only a little steeper. How could it be so wicked that it would be dead or hurt.

Si Ye heard that I was dissatisfied, and laughed, "Let’s climb up, just look at a foot in front of us, and you can grab a rock with your hand. Of course it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. It doesn’t need much. Now, you slowly and slowly Erdi, turn around and look at the arrow button again, you know it's amazing." I looked back with a grin, and immediately sat down on the rocks. I leaned on the slope of 70 or 80 degrees and looked down. It was no different from straight up and down, and I was dizzy. Thinking about it again, there are no steps on this road, and the white flowers are all broken bricks and rocks. When you go up, your feet are not stable. Anyway, people go up, and they just roll down and don’t do my job. If they go down, if they roll, what can I do? Kong is not slipping or even rolling down, it is really about to fall down.

Frightened his head and looked back, Meng Siye had already taken a dozen steps with a smile.

Wang Anshi, a stubborn fellow, is really eager for politics. He is not mature enough, especially for blocking the way of speech and not allowing criticism. He has always been criticized as the chief culprit for corrupting the wisdom of Confucianism. In fact, it is really a good poem and a good essay. There is a saying in Baochanshan Ji, "The world's strangeness, greatness and strangeness, the extraordinary outlook, often lies in the distance", it is the most reasonable saying when you put it here. Jiankou here is remote, remote and undeveloped. The big-eyed sky in late autumn and the blue sky are like washing. There are only thin and tough old trees on the Wild Great Wall, sharp and smooth limestone like wolf teeth, and simple bricks. . There is also our party joking and fighting.

The Hardest Part of Jiankou

This is the first rock climbing place, because both sides are still in the city wall, and there are many potholes on the stones. It's just interesting and not too difficult. This piece, if you don’t have a one-meter-long leg, it’s more convenient to crawl through the splits.

This is the hardest part. The rock over ten meters is used as a wall, so when climbing, the person hangs out, almost straight up and down. Down is the valley, there is no physiology to fall down. However, Si Ye said that for so many years, I have never heard of anything happening here. All things that happened were seemingly safe places, and if Guan Gong was not careful, he couldn't lose Jingzhou.

As we walked down the gentle slope, the Fourth Master said, "This is how most people play, just go up to the top and play it. Those who climb directly up from the arrow like you are the real donkey." I smiled and said, "Yes, I will assume you are complimenting me." The Fourth Master replied, "Yes, the wounded are dead, that is, you guys."

Down the mountain is Si Ye’s house. The guy from Siye’s family drove our car back from Jiankou Battlements early, about 10 kilometers away. Most people come in a car, either slowly up and down, or steep up and down. The former is boring, the latter is frightened. Unlike our deluxe version, there is the pride of climbing the city, but no fear of going down the city.

User submitted photo of Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou Hiking Recommendation:

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User submitted photo of Jiankou Great Wall