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Updated on Oct 14, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Jiufen from Taipei

I did a day trip from Taipei to Jiufen. Here's how I got there:

  1. Take the metro or taxi to the Taipei Station (台北車站)
  2. Find a train to Ruifang (瑞芳). There are lots of trains running this route so don't worry about timing
  3. Take bus 827 or 788 to Jiufen from the bus stop very close to the Ruifang Train Station
  4. After exiting Ruifang Train Station, walk 2-3 minutes east on the main street, called Mingdeng Road (明燈路)
  5. You'll see a bus stop on the south side of Mingdeng Road, on a little public square, next to the police station
  6. Make sure you get on the bus going east towards Jiufen, and not west towards Taipei. The bus fare was really cheap from what I recall (like $1), and the ride was less than 20-30 min. It's a really winding road to Jiufen to so hold on to something
  7. The bus will drop you off very close to the entrance of the Jiufen Old Street. You'll see lots of people and activities when you get off so just follow them. You won't get lost it's a very straightforward place to navigate

Here's a map of the route I took. You can zoom in and click on the markers