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Submitted on Jun 06, 2020 Useful Info

Johannesburg city transport

  • Johannesburg has an extensive and cheap public transport network.

Johannesburg's public transport network includes the following.

  1. Buses - Rea Vaya
  2. Gautrain
  3. Gautrain bus
  4. Minibus taxi
  5. Taxis
  6. Tuktuk

Rea Vaya Buses

  • Rea Vaya is Johhanesburg's bus rapid transit system (BRT). Using Rea Vaya is one of the easiest ways to beat traffic since these buses have their own lanes.
  • Payment is by smart card. Smart cards are sold at almost every Rea Vaya station for R30.
  • Bus fare is between R11- 15.
  • All Rea Vaya routes start at Park station, Johannesburg's main transport hub.
  • There are 2 bus fleets: green and blue.
  • The green buses operate a circular route (C3 route) within the inner city. This is the bus to catch to get to most tourist attractions within the city center.
  • The blue buses serve areas outside the city center including Soweto, Maboneng, and 44 Stanley.
  • Once you board the bus let the driver know the station you'll be alighting at. Buses don't automatically stop at every station unless there's a passenger alighting there.


  • Gautrain connects central Johannesburg ( Park Station) to Pretoria, Or Tambo airport, and the business districts of Sandton and Rosebank.
  • Gautrain operating hours: 5.30 am to 21.00 pm at 10-30 minutes intervals.
  • Payment is by contactless bank cards or swift cards that are purchased at any Gautrain ticket office or the vending machines in the Gautrain stations.
  • Important to know: Eating is not allowed on the Gautrain or at Gautrain stations. If spotted eating by security you get fined.

Gautrain bus

  • Gautrain buses connect Gautrain stations to nearby neighborhoods.
  • Payment: Same as Gautrain- Swift cards and contactless bank cards.
  • See Gautrain bus routes here.

Minibus taxi

  • Navigating around on minibusses is complex for tourists unless you're in the company of a local.
  • You can easily catch a minibus to the city center by flagging it down on the road.
  • Once in the city center alight before the minibus gets to the taxi rank, it's a mugging zone.
  • From the city center to various suburbs avoid taking minibusses. There are no defined maps and routes.


  • Common taxi-hailing apps in Johannesburg
  1. Uber
  2. Bolt
  3. Zebra taxis.


  • Tuktuks are mostly based in Sandton and Melville.