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How to visit the Jordan side of the Dead Sea

  • The Jordanian side of the Dead Sea can be visited as a day trip from Amman and Aqaba. Alternatively, you can sleep at the many resorts along the Dead sea. Most hotels along the Dead Sea are relatively expensive, many budget tourists opt for day trips and sleep in Amman where accommodation is cheaper. Most Dead Sea resorts offer free shuttle transfers for their guests from Amman to the resorts.

How to get to the dead sea from Amman

  • Getting to the dead sea from Amman is not complicated since there are very few transport options. These are the only ways to travel from Amman to the dead sea
  1. Join a tour
  2. Rent a car
  3. Public bus transport
  • Most public transport buses and minibusses don't have a direct connection to the dead sea during weekdays or off-peak season. They terminate their trip in a small town called Rame. From here you have to connect by taxi to the Dead sea. Taxis from Rame to the dead sea cost about 3JD. On busy weekends buses can drop you at Amman beach on the dead sea coast or along the way to the beach just a few kilometers from the beach. JETT buses, as well as local minibusses, operate the Amman- Dead sea route. JETT runs two daily buses to the dead sea. The first bus departs from the Abdali station near the intercontinental hotel at 8.30 am, the second bus departs from JETT's office by the 7th circle at 9.00 am. Both buses arrive at the dead sea by 10 am. JETT buses leave the Dead sea for Amman at 4.00 pm and arrive in Amman at 6.00 pm. Bus fare is 12JD.
  • Local minibusses depart from Mujaharin station in downtown Amman. There are no direct buses from Aqaba to the Dead Sea.
  • The second option is to rent a car. Expect to pay 30JD for renting a car from Amman to the Dead sea and 80-100JD from Aqaba to the Dead sea. The road is a dual carriageway and there are brown signs all along the highway from Aqaba-Amman- Dead sea that indicate the direction you should drive towards.

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  • Taking a tour is the most convenient and way to visit the Dead sea for families, people heading to other attractions after visiting the Dead Sea or when visiting during the off-peak season when public transport is unreliable. There are many tour agencies in downtown Amman and Queen Alia international airport. Most Dead sea tour packages are inclusive of trips to Mount Nebo, Madaba, Amman citadel, and the baptism site.

Dead sea beaches

  • Access to beaches along the Dead sea is not free. There are two categories of beaches: Public beaches and private resort beaches.
  • The most famous public beach is the Amman beach, it's the first beach along the highway from Amman- Dead sea. The Beach access fee is 20JD. Collected dead sea clay is also sold at the ticket office for 3JD.
  • The other public beach, The Jordanian beach is a few minutes drive from Amman beach. The Beach access fee is 12JD. This beach is however avoided by many people since it has fewer amenities and is quite dirty.
  • Alternatively, you can pay to access any of the beachfront resort beaches. You don't have to be booked into these hotels to pay for beach access. Hotel guests pay 20 JD for beach access while nonhotel guests pay 40-50JD. Resorts provide free Dead sea clay to anyone who asks for some. Some of the beachfront resorts include:
  1. Dead sea spa.
  2. Hilton Dead sea resort and spa.
  3. Marriot Dead sea.
  4. Movenpick resort and spa Dead sea.