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Submitted on Jan 16, 2019 Useful Info

How to call a taxi in Kaohsiung

  • Personally I recommend using an app to get taxi in Kaohsiung. Though prices are very similar to traditional taxis, it's much more convenient. The best apps are
  • Uber: same as elsewhere in the world
  • FindTaxi: very good app that lets you pick what kind of cars you want (like female driver, booster seat, accepts credit card, non smoking, and so on). You can get if for both Android and iOS
  • You can also call traditional taxis. You can either hail one on the street, call their dispatch number, or go into a nearby convenience store or hotel to call.
  • Here's a list of all the registered taxi companies (as of 2019) serving Kaohsiung and their dispatch phone numbers. Some of them also have apps, check their websites. The ones near the top are the bigger ones:
  • KS Taxi (中華大車隊): 725-8777
  • Taiwan Taxi (台灣大車隊): 55688 on mobile or 40-588-888 on landline
  • Hello Car (好客來大車隊): 312-8889
  • 倫永大車隊: 370-8888
  • M Taxi (凱旋大都會車隊): 55178 on mobile or 724-1111 on landline
  • Dafa Taxi (大發大車隊): 330-8888 or 412-8855
  • Crown Taxi (皇冠大車隊): 5510 on mobile or 4128-333 on landline
  • 興旺大車隊: 753-3333
  • 新形象大車隊: 315-6666 or 315-9999
  • CCH Taxi (澄清湖大車隊): 777-2222
  • Wow Taxi (夏威夷大車隊): 555-5555
  • 天龍大車隊: 767-6666
  • 群富大車隊: 771-1199
  • Chia-Yu Taxi (佳雨無計程車): 345-5555
  • Check Kaohsiung city government website for the current list of taxi companies: https://www.tbkc.gov.tw/Service/TransportSupervision/abc45?ID=2f7cd2a9-06fc-44f6-b081-1b2c5f40a1a2