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Updated on Nov 15, 2018 Useful Info

Where to get SIM card at the Keflavik airport

  • If you're planning to do a road trip in Iceland, I can't emphasize enough how essential it is to have a SIM card for navigation purposes
  • Getting one at the airport was super easy for me, took me maybe 10 minutes. Here's how:
  1. Once you leave the baggage claim area, turn right and you'll see a pretty big convenience store (I think the store is called 10-11)
  2. Go up to one of the cashiers of the convenience store and ask to buy a SIM card
  3. When I asked, she just gave me a Siminn card without offering any alternative, but googling afterwards it seems like there are 3 options: Siminn, Nova, or Vodafone. I'm not 100% sure the pros and cons of each, but I think Siminn gives the most amount of data and has the best coverage of Iceland. You should check with the cashier
  4. For Siminn, there was the 5GB option with some call time and the 10GB option with no call time. I picked the 10GB option for 2900 ISK (~$25). Payment was by credit card
  5. Once you get the SIM card, you'll need to set it up yourself. Ask the cashier to borrow a pin. Basically, turn off your phone, use the pin to push out the SIM card slot, replace your current SIM card with the new SIM card, turn on your phone again, change the settings to use the new SIM card (the last step may not be necessary as most phones will do this automatically)
  6. Tip: the Siminn SIM card they give you comes in all 3 sizes: standard, micro and nano in the same package, depending on how you break the SIM card's plastic container. So double check to make sure you know which size your phone supports before breaking the SIM card out of the container (it's pretty obvious you'll know what I mean when you see it)
  • Overall, I was really satisfied with the Siminn SIM card. I drove across the entire country along the ring road (including the Westfjords), and I got 4G coverage pretty much everywhere I went. The speed was fantastic I was watching YouTube and Netflix every night on it. I don't think I ended up using anywhere close to 10GB of data though (my trip was 8 days), so in retrospect maybe I should've gotten the 5GB option with call time. Having the ability to call would've put my mind at peace a bit more knowing I could call for help if my car broke down on the way
  • Here's Siminn's official site for current prices and coverage map

The card I got:

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