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How to Get From Kenya to The Comoros by Plane or Bus

There are 4 ways to get from Kenya to The Comoros by plane or by bus.

The following brief expounds on the step by step directions, ticket prices, travel agencies and duration of travel. Enjoy!

1. Fly From Nairobi to Anjouan

  • The direct flight takes 6h 24m.
  • Spare between USD 490 to USD 550 for your ticket.

From Nairobi CBD to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

  • The distance is about 17km.
  • Take a taxi. Pay roughly between USD 35 to USD 50 for the 20-minutes ride.

From the JKIA to Anjouan

There are 2 KQ Flights serving this route:

Flight 1: 7:10hrs - 13:15hrs

Flight 2: 7:35hrs - 17:00hrs

Ticket prices range between USD 450 to USD 500.

2. Fly From Nairobi to Hahaia

  • This journey takes a total of 3h 8m.
  • Expect to pay between USD 490 to USD 536.

From JKIA to Hahaia

  • KQ Flight serves this route from 7:35 am to 10:05 am.
  • Ticket is priced at USD 450 to USD 490.

Hahaia to Moroni

  • Take a taxi to Moroni, 19.8 km from the airport.

3. Fly From Mombasa to Hahaia

  • Instead of JKIA, you can fly from the Moi International Airport if you are based in Mombasa or the neighboring towns.
  • This route takes 5h 30m max.
  • Spare around USD 262 to USD 1025 to cater for your travel.

From Mombasa's CBD to MIA

  • It's only 9.2km away.
  • Take a taxi and spend around USD 23.

From MIA to Hahaia

  • The flight serves this route from 09:45hrs to 14:45hrs.
  • Ticket prices range between USD 240 and USD 1000.

4. Bus to Dar es Salaam, Fly to Hahaia

From Mombasa to Dar

  • Board a 13h bus to Dar. It only serves this route once a week.
  • Spend around USD 22 for your fare.

From Dar, Fly to Hahaia

There are 2 Tanzanian airline operators:

  • Flight 1: 12:40hrs - 13:55hrs
  • Flight 2: 13:25hrs - 14:45hrs