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How to deal with "beach boy" scams along the Kenyan coast

  • You just can't avoid them when you're at public beaches along the coast, Beach boys are usually young men who'll approach you and persistently ask you to buy their goods, show you around or teach you how to swim. They've been known to scam tourists, here are the common beach boys scams and how to avoid them.
  1. Offering to teach you how to swim and end up assaulting you when in the water. The best thing to do is never accept their offer if you need to learn how to swim don't go to a public beach, find a certified instructor and use a pool or a private beach.
  2. Approaching you in large groups. This is very common, up to 10 beach boys may approach at once, they distract you will asking you to purchase their goods and in the process steal from you. In the recent past, they've been cases of kids getting lost during such scenarios. What to do: Leave all your valuables in your room when going to a public beach, visit public beaches as a group and never let kids out of your sight.
  3. Insisting on shaking your hand. Just accept so that they can leave, don't start conservation though.
  4. Persistently asking you to purchase their goods. Politely decline, in case they approach you as a group, don't buy something from one hoping the others will leave, they won't.