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How to get from Kenya to Egypt by flight

  • Covering the 4635.4 km journey from Nairobi to Cairo might be hectic if you opt to travel by road(The great north road).
  • I would advise traveling by plane since it is cheaper and faster and takes about 6h 8m.

Possible routes

  • They include:

Nairobi - Cairo

  • This is the cheapest and fastest route. It costs around $212- $400 to fly from Nairobi to Cairo and the flight takes about 6h 8m.

Nairobi - Borg El Arab ( Alexandria)

  • The flight takes about 7h 48m and costs around $377- $407.

Nairobi - Luxor

  • This is one of the most expensive routes costing around $402- $1051. The flight takes about 10h 12m.

Kisumu - Cairo

  • this flight takes the longest time - 11h 44m. The cost of travel is around $227 - $620.

Mombasa - Cairo

  • The flight takes about 8h 38m and the cost of travel is around $273 - $417.



  • its average duration is 4h 45m and the flights are frequent throughout the week.

Kenya Airways

  • Average duration of 4h 45m and its flights are also frequent throughout the week.

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Takes an average duration of 8h 2m and the flights are frequent throughout the week. Their flights usually stop over at Bole international airport in Addis Ababa before heading over to Egypt.