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Submitted on Oct 02, 2018 Useful Info

How to buy admission tickets to the Full Moon Party

  • Tickets to the Full Moon Party are all bought at the entrance of the party, which takes place on the Haad Rin Beach on Ko Pha Ngan
  • Ticket price is 100 baht per person as of last week when we went
  • You don't need to buy them in advance. We just showed up and bought them with cash at the entry point
  • There's an official booth that sells these tickets at the entry points to the Haad Rin Beach, so make sure you go to that one. Don't just get it off anyone on the street or from any private bars
  • When you get off your taxi, just follow the crowd towards the beach; before soon you'll come to a barricade and someone checking for tickets. The booth will be right next to it
  • Once you bought the tickets you'll get a wristband to wear for the rest of the night