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Submitted on Oct 01, 2018 Useful Info

How to get around Ko Pha Ngan

  • There's no Grab (the Uber of southeast asia) on the Ko Pha Ngan island
  • Easiest way is probably to rent a scooter. There are lots of scooter rental shops on the island. Your hotel/hostel/Airbnb very likely will know at least one rental shop so check with them
  • Our scooter rental was 250 baht/day per scooter all inclusive, came with a helmet
  • In Thailand technically you need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter but this rule is not enforced on Ko Pha Ngan. We got 2 scooters and none of us had a license (don't try on mainland Thailand though, I live in Chiang Mai and I've seen frequent road blocks where police check for license and I know lots of foreigners who get caught and fined 500-1000 baht)
  • The scooter shop will ask to hold your passport for the duration of the rental
  • Obviously don't damage the scooters. My friend got some scratches on the scooter and had to pay 5000 baht to fix it
  • The other way to get around is Songthaew, which are shared taxis that look like this:User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan
  • If you're going to the full moon party, Songthaews are pretty much the only transportation option, no matter where you stay on the island
  • How to take them:
  • Just walk along a main road, there will be lots of Songthaews going in both directions (on average we saw one every 10 minutes or less) all day and all evening. On full moon days there will be songthaews zooming around well past midnight
  • Many of them will honk at you, or if not just raise your hand
  • Tell the driver where you're going, they will tell you a price. Then you get on
  • You pay cash to the driver when you get off
  • The average price is around 250 baht per person to go 1/4 around the island. There isn't much room to negotiate unfortunately from my experience