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Submitted on Jun 21, 2018 Useful Info

Best and "worst" time to visit Krabi

It all depends on what you consider as "best" or "worst". According to my research:

  • Weather-wise, the most ideal time is late January - March. You get calm, glassy seas; clear blue skies; moderate temperatures; and only a tiny chance of shower burst
  • Peak season is December - February especially during Christmas and Chinese New Year (Note that the date changes every year according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, just generally it falls in January or February)
  • Slow season is May, June, September, October the island can be deserted
  • It's the Rain season where the weather is not really predicable. You could get 1 hr rain a day, or no rain at all, or straight rainy days that don't seem to end
  • It's also the Green season where the scenery is lush and great for outdoors (on non-raining days)
  • If you want to do island hoping, make sure to double check on weather and schedule, sometimes the boats can not leave shore
  • If your objective is outdoor only, mind that there are not many covered attractions in Krabi
  • Be sure to pack a rain jacket

Ps: I found this website quite helpful when it comes to planning