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Submitted on Nov 23, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Krabi from Phuket, Thailand

Krabi is located 60km east of Phuket by sea and 165km by land, on the other side of Phang Nga Bay

There are 4 ways to travel between them: 1) public bus, 2) shared minivans, 3) taxis, 4) ferry. Of these, I personally think the shared minivan is the best way to go as it's both cheap and convenient. I'll talk in more details and the pros and cons below about each of these options

Option 1) Phuket to Krabi by public bus (cheapest option):

  • There are government-operated buses (both air conditioned and non-air conditioned)that travels from Phuket to Krabi and vice versa. While they're not the most convenient way to travel since you have to make your way to and from the bus terminals, they are the cheapest way to travel and therefore extremely popular with many touristsUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • Fare: 155 baht ($5USD) per passenger each way
  • Travel time: 2.5-3 hours for just the bus travel time. On top of that, it'll take about 40-60 minutes to get to the bus terminal in Phuket, and then another 20-40 minutes to get to your hotel in Krabi after getting off the bus
  • Schedule: ~10 buses a day from 6am to 5pm. The exact schedule changes all the time, but don't worry too much because there will always be a lot of daily departures during the working from morning to late afternoon
  • Departure station in Phuket: Phuket Bus Terminal 2, located here. This is the new bus terminal and is mainly used by large express buses going to other major citiesUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • Getting to this terminal is best done by tuk tuk or taxi, which will cost around 600 baht from Patong Beach and 200 baht from Phuket town center
  • You can also take a motorcycle taxi there if you don't have a lot of luggage (it's literally a motorcycle that you ride on the back seat), which is cheaper at 300 baht from Patong Beach and 100 baht from Phuket town center.
  • Finally, if you're on a very very tight budget, from Phuket town center you can take the pink Songthaew Route 2 that costs 20 baht ($0.66USD). This is what the pink Songthaew looks like (there are four routes in total so make sure you get on "route 2" which you can see on the side of the Songthaew):User submitted photo of KrabiFrom Patong Beach, there's also a bus to Phuket Terminal 2 that costs 40 baht each way. I'm not sure exactly what it looks like or the route it takes, but you can ask your hotel or tourist office in town and they can tell you where to board. I know that it stops at Patong Bus Station (located here)
  • Arrival station in Krabi: Krabi Bus Terminal, located here. This bus terminal is located about 4km north of Krabi town center. You can take a white Songthaew to get into town for just 30 baht ($1.1USD), or by tuk tuk or taxi for 50-100 baht ($1.7-$3.4USD)
  • How to buy tickets: tickets cannot be bought online; it must be bought at Bus Terminal 2. There are enough buses everyday that you really don't have to worry about buying it ahead of time. Just go to the bus terminal 2 an hour or so before when you want to leave for Krabi and get a ticket in person there. Payment is cash baht only; no credit cards or other currencies are accepted

Option 2) Phuket to Krabi by shared minivan (best option):

  • A more comfortable way to travel than public bus is to take a shared minivan. They cost more than buses but still pretty cheap; the best part about minivans is that they are door-to-door, meaning they will pick you up from the hotel in Phuket and drop you off at your hotel in Krabi. Overall, I think this is the best way to travel as it strikes a balance between convenience and priceUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • Fare: 250-350 baht ($8.25-$11.6USD) per passenger each way
  • Travel time: minivan drive time is about 2 hours. But it'll take about 30-60 minutes to pickup all passengers in Phuket before it sets off for Krabi
  • Pickup and drop off locations: it's door-to-door service so the van will pick you up at your hotel in Phuket and drop you off at your hotel in Krabi. Vans are all air conditioned and generally pretty comfortableUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • How to book: I have yet to find a way to book a van online. At the moment the only way to you can book is through local travel agencies in Phuket or through your hotel. I just walked around Patong Beach and saw a lot of travel agents (a quick Google Maps search shows you there are a lot of them in Patong Beach, and in Phuket town). Just go into any of them and ask for a van to Krabi, payment is usually by cash baht, but a lot of them accept Visa and MasterCard as well

Option 3) Phuket to Krabi by taxi (most comfortable but very expensive):

  • As with anywhere else, taxis are the most expensive way to travel but are also the most convenient and comfortable way to travel.
  • These taxis are not the ones you can just flag off the street. Rather they're more like private transfers that you pay and reserve ahead of time, and the driver will come to your hotel at pickup time to fetch you. The vehicles used are also generally really nice, including SUVsUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • Price: varies by size of car and if you depart from Phuket airport or town center. These prices are all per car, NOT per passenger, so the more people you have the more it makes sense to book a private taxi
  • From Phuket airport: ~$80USD for a 3-passenger car, ~$90-$100USD for a larger car
  • From Patong Beach or Phuket town center: ~$90USD for a 3-passenger car, $100-$120 for a larger car
  • Travel time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Pickup and drop off: it's taxi so it's door-to-door service; pickup from your hotel (or airport) in Phuket and drop off to your hotel in Krabi
  • How to book: there are numerous websites you can use to book these cars. I'll list a few of the more reputable ones. On these sites just set Phuket airport or Phuket town as the origin and Krabi as the destination. Booking is all done with credit card:
  1. Phuket Shuttle:
  2. Andaman Taxis:
  3. 12Go:
  4. Bookaway:
  5. Krabi Taxi:

Option 4) Phuket to Krabi by ferry (takes a long time and not the cheapest):

  • As you can imagine, you can take a ferry from Phuket to Krabi. There are a number of ports on the east coast of Phuket that the ferries depart from, and they will get you to various ports in KrabiUser submitted photo of Krabi
  • Fare: most of the fares I saw are around $25-$30USD per passenger each way, including pickup from hotel in Phuket and drop off at hotel in Krabi. However, some fares do go up to as high as $40-$60USD per passenger each way. It really depends on which agency or ferry operator you book with
  • Book joint ticket! I'll talk more about how to book a ferry below, but when you book with pretty much any agency or ferry operator for this route, you'll have the choice of whether you want to include a hotel pickup in Phuket and drop off in Krabi. This is what I mean by joint ticket (because the ticket includes van pickup/drop off), and I highly recommend getting it, because it's a major hassle to get to and from the piers, especially if you have luggage
  • Departure ports: in Phuket ferries depart from Rassada Pier (most number of departures), Bang Rong Pier, and Ao Po Pier (least number of departures). If you book joint ticket you don't have to worry about how to get to these ports; if you don't book a joint ticket you will have to take a tuk tuk, taxi, or songthaew to get to the ports
  • Arrival ports: in Krabi ferries arrive at Nopparat Thara Pier, Railay West Pier, Railay East Pier, Klong Jilad Pier. All these piers seems all pretty much equally popular arrival spots in Krabi. If you booked a joint ticket you don't have to worry about how to get to your hotel in Krabi, but if not you will have to take a tuk tuk or taxi
  • Travel time: most ferries take about 4-6 hours to get to Krabi including pickup time, and some takes as long as 8-9hours to do so. This is not because of the distance, but rather due to the stopover in Koh Phi Phi island as most of these ferries make a stop on that island before continuing to Krabi. There are a small number of high speed ferries that go direct (or very short layover at Koh Phi Phi), and will get you to Krabi in 3-4 hours including pickup and drop off time. So when you book your ferry make sure you check the travel time
  • How to book: I suggest using one of the more reputable transportation booking websites in Thailand to start. These sites allow you to compare prices, departure times, as well as travel time across all major ferry operators. You can then either book through them, or go to the website of the specific ferry operator you want and then book on there instead. The three sites I recommend are (I personally used 12Go a lot in Thailand and Philippines):
  • 12Go:
  • Phuket Ferry:
  • Direct Ferries: