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Biked to Kuang Si falls in 2017



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Submitted on Jun 30, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Kuang Si Falls (don't bike there)

  • Most travellers go to Kuang Si Falls on those shared taxis called Songthaews leaving from Luang Prabang like this
  • I probably should've taken that. I rented a bicycle from Luang Prabang instead and I really regret doing it this way
  • While the view was amazing, I completely underestimated how physically extraneous it was to bike there. There are a lot of steep uphills and downhills on the way, like part of the way I had to get off my bike to push it up the hill
  • All said it took me about 3 and half hours to get to the falls, basically spending the entire day biking and not being able to enjoy the waterfalls that long
  • Sooo yea, take the shared taxi to the falls and don't bike like I did (alternatively you can rent a motorcycle there; but if you haven't rode a motorcycle before don't do it here)

But it was worth it!

And I did get some cool views along the way like this