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Fun activities to do in Lamu.

  • Lamu is a town full of cultural sites and very interesting traditions,
  • It is also protected because of how indigenous it is.
  • It is such a warm and friendly place to visit when you need that bit of inspiration.
  • When in Lamu, there are a few activities that you can try out.

Donkey riding.

  • Lamu island does not have cars to move around in, because it is such a small island.
  • The locals have opted for the us of Donkeys to get around.
  • Donkey riding is sucna fun activity to engage in.
  • You can contact the locals who can the charge you a small fee depending on the time you would like to spend riding the donkey.
  • Do not worry, they give you a bit of practice and advice before mounting that donkey.
  • In addition, if you visit Lamu during the month if August, you will get a chance to witness the annual donkey race in person which is usually filled with a lot of pomp and excitement

Boat riding.

  • This is also a fun thing to do.
  • To get to lamu Island, you have to take a boat ride from Mokowe which is the mainland - This is where the bus leaves you.
  • However, apart from this boat ride, you can have others to take you to the other islands in Lamu such as Sheli Island.
  • Some of the islands are not inhabited and have been reserved as they have very beautiful mangrove vegetation.
  • The boat rides can be booked with no fuss by going to the beach and getting one from the local sailors or if you are visiting on a package, the boat ride can be included in the said package.


  • Finally, it goes without mention that you should try the local cuisine.
  • Mostly it is made up of sea food and it will leave you licking your fingers.