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How to get to Lamu Island

  • Lamu Island is a Kenyan island in the Indian Ocean north of Mombasa city. Lamu is known for its rich Swahili culture and Lamu old town which is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are two ways of getting to Lamu
  1. By flight
  2. By road.

Flying to Lamu.

  • You can fly directly to Lamu from either Mombasa or Malindi. Since they are no international flights that land directly in either city, you have to connect via Nairobi (JKIA).
  • It takes one hour to get to either Malindi or Mombasa from Nairobi by flight.
  • Flight prices to Lamu from Mombasa: $55
  • Flight prices to Lamu from Malindi: $30.
  • Flight duration from Mombasa: 40 minutes.
  • Flight duration from Malindi: 25 minutes.
  • I would advise driving to Malindi from Mombasa, then fly to Lamu from Malindi. Malindi airport is less crowded and you also get to enjoy views of the coastal stretch from Mombasa to Malindi.
  • Arrival in Lamu: Youll land at Manda airstrip on Manda island on of the islands on Lamu archipelago.
  • The airstrip is located just offshore, you'll board a boat directly from outside the airstrip that will take you to Lamu island for Ksh 100 ($1). The boat ride takes 5 minutes on a speed boat.
  • Airlines offering cheap flights to Lamu include:
  1. Skyward express
  2. Silverstone
  3. Jambojet
  4. Fly 540

How to get to Lamu by bus.

  • The easiest city from where you can connect to Lamu by bus is Mombasa.
  • There's quite a number of buses heading to Lamu from Mombasa but I recommend taking Tawakal buses. They have express buses semi-luxury buses from Mombasa to Lamu.
  • Ticket cost: Ksh 2000 ($20)
  • Travel duration: 5-7 hours.
  • You can easily get to Tawakal booking offices and by taking a tuk-tuk from any part of Mombasa CBD. Tuktuk charges Ksh 100.
  • Buses drop you off at Mokowe on Lamu mainland, you'll have to cross over to Lamu island by taking the ferry or a speedboat.
  • It takes 25 minutes to cross by ferry to the island.


  • Don't drive yourself to Lamu island since you can't cross with your vehicle on the ferry. You'll have to leave your car unattended at Mokowe.

Getting around in Lamu

  • Everything you need in Lamu is within walking distance. There are no cars on the island, locals use donkeys to move around.