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Local etiquettes in Lamu island

  • Lamu island is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites in Kenya due to its rich Swahili/Islamic culture and traditions. Here are some of the few things you need to be aware of when visiting the island.

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  1. There are no vehicles on the island. From Lamu island mainland you cross using passenger boats to the island. Once on the island, all transport is by means of donkey and bicycles.
  2. The island's people are one of the friendliest in the region. You'll receive greetings on literally path you pass by. Familiarize yourself with some Swahili greetings. Commonly you'll hear the locals say habari or jambo; you just reply the same.
  3. The people on the island are mainly Muslim, Islamic dishes and cultures are predominant here. Showing too much skin as well as PDA is a no. Similarly, there are hardly any shops which are open during mosque hours so make sure you get anything you need before prayer times.