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Updated on Aug 15, 2018 Useful Info

How to visit the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Sertar

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We went to Sertar (aka Seda 色达) last year. This is how we arrived there:

  • Bus from Kangding 康定 to Sertar 色达 (131rmb). It departs at 6am. Normally people take a bus from Chengdu to Kangding (139rmb)
  • When we arrived to Sertar town there are private cars taking travellers to the Academy about 7rmb/person, it's a short ride
  • Once you are let off at the entrance, you have to walk about 4km to get inside the Academy. There are also private vans at the entrance to take people in, we just walked
  • However the bus actually passes by the Acadamy before final destination (Sertar) so just tell the driver you want to get off at the school he will let you down there.
  • You can stay inside the Academy, there are hotels inside. You can also rent a car to go back to Sertar town if you choose to stay there instead. We stayed in the Sertar town, it was during Tibetan New Year, there was only one hotel open in the entire town and the hot water wasn't working
  • There are also direct bus from Chengdu to Sertar, 3 per day (6:10am, 6:15am, 6:20am), price around 210-230, ride time 14 hours

Additional Tips:

  • It's very cold there all year round, dress warm. Altitude is very high there, be aware
  • There is free lunch at the Academy, vegetarian of course
  • You can also rent a car from Sertar or the Academy to the place where locals send off their passed loved ones. It's a Tibetan tradition. But it's not a touristic spot, so be prepared and be respectful


Alfonso Novo

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On Apr 22, 2019

Hi! I’m a little bit confused. Is possible to visit larung gar. The information on the net is very confused. Thank you.