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Submitted on Dec 27, 2018 Useful Info

How safe is it in Lhasa

  • Lhasa is actually very safe for tourists. Tourism is quite big there with a lot of domestic travellers going all year round
  • When I went there I saw many police officers everywhere in the city, particularly at the train station and airport had armed guards, and in major tourist sites and on big roads and intersections. There is political tension of course, but there hasn't been any violence against tourists in Tibet ever
  • Either way, you're likely visiting Tibet as part of a group (since foreign tourists are not allowed to travel there independently as of 2018), your tour guides will help make sure you're safe. So there really isn't anything to worry about
  • Few things to keep in mind:
  • Obviously do not engage in political activism, in which case you'll probably get arrested
  • Petty crimes are everywhere in China, including pickpockets and scams. Be cautious of anyone who approaches you about anything and watch your belongings
  • Keep your guide abreast of your plans. Not that they are required to watch you all the time, but just in case something happens and they need to get a hold of you
  • Besides that, enjoy!