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Updated on Oct 13, 2018 Trip Brief

How to visit Liechtenstein in 1 day

Apart from figuring out how to properly pronounce the country name, what else should you know before visiting the 6th smallest country in the world? (Or rather, should you even bother?) Well, here's the brief to Christina's original article

User submitted photo of Liechtenstein

  • Christina went to Liechtenstein as a stamp collection trip from Lucern in Switzerland
  • You can collect the stamp in the tourist info centre in Vaduz
  • The capital, Vaduz, is actually very modern
  • Vaduz has many museums and cultural offerings, you can get a 24h museum pass at the tourist info centre. To name a few:
  • Kunstmuseum: big collection of contemporary and modern art
  • Stamp Museum
  • Liechtenstein National Museum: surprisingly large
  • Many attractions are close in sundays or not open during off-season month (aka summer periods)
  • Other places to see apart from Vaduz: (all quick drive away as the country is small)
  • Mauren: bird sanctuary with a free coffee if you present your Adventure Pass