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Updated on Mar 25, 2019 Useful Info

Tips on how to sandboard in Lima

About one and a half hours outside Lima to the south lies a range of sand dunes by the beach.

  • Have a tour guide. It's crucial that you get a guide for this trip, they understand the terrain, the best spots to sand board, they'll teach you how to sandboard in case you're an amateur, and also they know the best places to see the beach at.
  • Use a 4WD vehicle, your guide should know that but in case you decide to go solo use off the road vehicles.
  • Carry some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, there are no nearby restaurants around the dunes. NOTE don't drink any alcohol before and during the trip, you'll feel nauseous and dizzy.
  • Carry enough water. The place is quite hot and you probably won't find any water nearby.
  • Have sunscreen, the water is also amazing here and you can cool off after sandboarding by swimming.