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Lisbon for first-timers

Trip background: We went to Lisbon to attend Websummit and had some time to discover the city. I had a few friends so they made our little discovery very efficient and awesome!

Arrival: we were picked up but I know you can take public transportation:

  • The quickest and cheaper way is with the Metro, the airport is right on the Red line, takes only 15-20 min to the city centre, one-way ticket is €1.45 (2018 pricing)
  • You can also take buses to get in the city, you can check on their official website
  • If you are in T2 you need to shuttle to T1 to access public transportation into the city

Getting around: we used mainly metro and just walked around. I stayed a bit outside the centre but metro is very convenient.

  • The metro ticket is re-usable, like the one in NYC, you can just load it each time. It's also contactless! I was looking for slots to insert for the longest time lol
  • You can buy metro tickets with cards or cash
  • Day pass €6.15 - 24 hour unlimited travel, works on all buses and trams too
  • local bus network seems legit too, I took it a couple of times following instruction from Google Maps, you can buy tickets on bus with cash
  • Uber or taxi is reasonably priced
  • This website is helpful covering transportation in Lisbon

How I navigated: Google Maps is amazing! I pinned a few zones my local friend told me to check out and just took the metro and walked everywhere. I walked half of the city in half a day, so I would imagine you need 2 days to walk it fully. Young people all speak super good English btw, ask for help if you are ever lost!

Areas and Districts:

  • My personal favourite is the
  • Cais do Sodré: waterfront, live street music and very nice patios over looking the water
  • Lookout place in Santa Catarina <3 as well as Encarnação (Rua das Taipas)User submitted photo of Lisbon
  • Nightlife: Bairro Alto is full of nice bars, the "Pink Street" is filled with cool clubs (Rua Nova do Carvalho)User submitted photo of Lisbon
  • Amazing food market: Timeout Market (Rua da Ribeira Nova)User submitted photo of Lisbon
  • Here's a comprehensive guide on neighbourhoods from Rough Guide, pretty thorough

I still miss quite a lot of stuff in Lisbon so there will definitely be a Round 2 ;)