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Updated on Jan 27, 2020 Useful Info

Best way to get to Macau from Hong Kong

There are 3 mainstream and popular options to get between Macau and Hong Kong, 2 ferry options and 1 bus option. Which option is the best really depends on where you are in HK and where you want to go in Macau (see maps below). From HK city center, all 3 are comparable as they take similar amount of time and costs very similar amount of money. From the HK airport, Cotai Water Jet (option 3 below) is the most convenient. Note that there is no public taxi service between Hong Kong and Macau

In addition, you can also arrange a private car to transport you between Hong Kong and Macau. The price will be much higher than the ferry and bus options but is much more convenient

Option 1: One Bus

This is the newest option that wasn't available until very recently when the HK-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge opened in October 2018

  • Timing: trip takes 1 hour each way. There are 19 daily buses each way, once every 30-60 minutes between 7am-6:30pm from HK to Macau and 10am-9:30pm back from Macau to HK
  • Fare: $170-$190 HKD ($22-$24USD) each way. As of 2018 payment is cash only but credit cards will be accepted soon
  • Departure/arrival location in HK: the shopping mall APM Kwun Tong (see map below). You can find their ticket booth on the ground floor
  • Arrival/departure location in Macau: they stop at 3 big casinos in Macau - Sands, Venetian and Parisian. Returning from Macau you also buy tickets and board at these casinos. See map below
  • Check the current up-to-date fare, schedule and departure/arrival information on One Bus' official website

Option 2: Turbojet (ferry)

  • Timing: 40-60 minutes journey time each way, depending on which pier you leave from in Hong Kong. Available 24 hours, but the most frequent services are between 7am-midnight. Midnight-morning services are only available from their Tuen Men pier
  • Fare: $171-$211HKD ($22-$27USD). Weekday daytime are the cheapest, followed by weekend day time. The most expensive are night time
  • Departure/arrival location in HK: this ferry leaves from 3 different ports in Hong Kong, China Ferry Terminal, HK Macau Ferry Terminal, and Tuen Men Ferry Pier
  • Arrival/departure locations in Macau: Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, and Taipa Ferry Terminal (by the Macau airport)
  • Official website for up to date fares and schedule

Option 3: Cotai Water Jet (ferry)

This is the only available option from the Hong Kong International Airport

  • Timing: ~60 minutes journey time. Their ferries to Macau run very frequently between 7am-11:30pm. No midnight-morning service. From the airport pier services run between 10am and 9pm every 2 hours
  • Fare: $171-$211HKD ($22-$27USD). From the airport the fare is $270-$300HKD ($35-$38USD)
  • Departure/arrival location in HK: China Ferry Terminal, HK Macau Ferry Terminal, and SkyPier (HK airport pier)
  • Arrival/departure location in Macau: Taipa Ferry Terminal (by the Macau airport)
  • Official website for current schedule, fare


Map of departure/arrival locations in Hong Kong. Red pins are ferry terminals, green pin is bus terminal. Click on the pins for more details

Map of arrival/departure locations in Macau. Red pins are ferry terminals, green pins are bus stops. Click on the pins for more details

Private Car Option

  • If you go to Klook look up Macau, you will find some pre-arranged private transfer services that you can book
  • Price is about HKD$2000 (USD$260) each way, which is very pricey. But it's a minivan so it can fit 6 people. You must book the entire car; you cannot book buy seat
  • The benefit of this option is that it will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your final destination, no transfer required. But given the high price tag, it only makes sense if you're travelling in a group to split the cost