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How to Get to Eriberta Springs Resort

User submitted photo of Mahayag

User submitted photo of Mahayag

When you are within the Zamboanga del Sur province, this mountain spring resort is an excellent choice of visit. Although most of the resort's breathtaking landscapes were man-made, its cold and stunning waters will surely get you off one hot weather. You will surely get to relax because the resort is not so populated by tourists and is only famous among the locals.

The following list is a brief guide to help you get to Eriberta Springs Resort.

Cebu Interntional Airport ---> Ozamis City Port/Airport ---> Agora Bus Terminal to Molave ---> Mahayag

  1. From Cebu International airport, you have two choices to get to Ozamis City (A city in Mindanao). It is either by plane or by ship. The plane takes only about 30 minutes to an hour. The ship takes one night. That means, you leave Cebu port at 9 pm and arrive at Ozamis City around 6 am.

By Plane (Ozamis City Airport)

Once you arrive at the airport, secure your belongings. Although the airport is pretty secure there is nothing wrong in being careful. After all, bad guys are everywhere. Take a taxi to the Bus Terminal. Just spare around 200-300 php for the estimated fare.

By Ship (Ozamis City Port)

If you decided to board a ship from Cebu city, you got to be extra careful. There are three choices for your accommodation inside the ship.

  • Economy - this is the cheapest accommodation. The ticket for this accommodation is priced around 1,200 php along with the fees you need to pay in the port. This is not airconditioned, can be very noisy and hot and there is no privacy as you will be using bunk beds placed side by side other passengers like you.
  • Tourist- this is rather simple yet comfortable accommodation that I can recommend to everyone. Here, you will also be using bunk beds but the area is air conditioned. Still, be mindful of your things if you don't want someone else to pick it up and run away with your things. The fare should be around 1,400 php with the fees you needed to pay at the port.
  • Cabin- this is also a recommendable accommodation. Here, there will only be 4 passengers in the air conditioned room with two bunk beds located at each side of the room. It is quiet secure and have some privacy as well. The price is around 1700 php with the fees you need to pay at the port.
  • Suite- this is rather an expensive accommodation but I can assure you that you and your things will be quiet safe here. It is also air conditioned and rather comfortable. It is good for two people.The price is around 4000 php with the fees you need to pay at the port.

When your ship arrive at the port, porters do their rounds looking for passengers who have two many luggage and offer their services in exchange of money. Usually, 100 php is enough for 2-3 heavy bags. When you get down form the ship, never ride a tricycle, or a weird van to Agora bus terminal. Keep walking until you get out of the port and see a line of parked pedicabs. Ride that to the bus terminal. The fee is 20 pesos per item that includes you. Hand-carried luggage is free.

2. Bus Terminal to Molave

You can reach Molave by bus or by van. Always ask the driver if the vehicle is bound for Molave. Also, the destination is written on the glass windshield. For the bus, the air conditioned bus ticket is 70 php. The economy bus ticket is around 60 php. The van is also much wiser choice as it is fast and air conditioned. The fare is less than a 100 php.

3. When you arrive at Molave Bus Terminal, go straight to the entrance and ask a public single motorcycle to take you to Eriberta Springs Resort in Mahayag. Say NO if they ask for a fare that is more than 200 php.