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Getting around Malang

  • Malang is a vibrant city in Indonesia. It is such a vibrant city in East Java and the third largest in terms of economy.
  • It is such a nice place to visit and enjoy a rich history dating back to the Singsahan kingdom.
  • There are three modes of transportation in Malang that include:
  1. Road transport.
  2. Railway transport.
  3. Air transport.

Road transport.

  • Malang has an extensive system of road networks.
  • It has a total of 2,960 roads that covers 1,027 kilometres or 638 miles.
  • The major public transport system in Malang is minivans. The locals call these minivans Angkot which translate to Angkutan which means transportation and Kota which means city.
  • These minivans are painted blue to distinguish them as legal public service vehicles.
  • The public transport sector is controlled by the government and is not the best. This is because the minivans are usually crowded and not in the best condition all the time.
  • The good thing is that there is very many bus station in and around the city.
  • You could also get around the city in private transportation services such as using taxis and Uber and other online taxi-hailing services.
  • A frustrating thing about Malang is that the city is congested and there are frequent traffic jams.

Railway transport.

  • The Malang railway station is located in the city and is the main railway station.
  • It serves up to eight hundred thousand passengers and the number can reach a high four thousand in a day.
  • The railway line serves Malang and connects the city with very many other cities.
  • There is also another smaller railway station called Blimbing located in Blimbing. This railway station is very strategically located close to some very good hotels.
  • It is also a short distance from the city.

Air transport.

  • Malang is served by two airports, a smaller airport which is Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport and connects Malang to smaller towns.
  • The other airport is Juanda international airport which is 96km from the city centre. As the name suggests, it serves both local and international flights.