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The cuisine in Malang.

  • Food and cuisine are such a highly rated experience here in Malang.
  • If you have not savoured the cuisine and food culture of Malang then quite rightly, you have not visited Malang.
  • There are so many types of foods and even drinks to choose from natural foods such as apples to the more "junky" types of foods for your guilty pleasure.
  • Apples are found in abundance in Malang because the areas around Malang are the apple-growing centres of the country.
  • The small green apples are the most expensive ones in the city however, you do know that when you buy them here, they are fresh from the tree, no worries about that.
  • Bakso Malang is a signature dish in the area.
  • It is the cities unique recipe for meatball soup.
  • This delicacy can be found in the street food stalls where you can sample several to choose the blend of flavours that work perfectly for you.
  • Jagung Bakar is charcoal-grilled young maize on a cob.
  • This corn is found almost everywhere and it can be garnished with a bit of lemon and salt or pepper.
  • The corn is usually surprisingly soft and is savoury.
  • The corn is also not expensive so you can have a couple because one is never enough.
  • Ayam Goreng Kampung is fried village chicken.
  • The test of this is quite different to the normal chicken eaten in the famous eateries.
  • This chicken is tougher and the bones stronger and you have to really know your way around the chicken.
  • However, the experience is very enjoyable.
  • Coffee and tea as can be expected, are the major drinkes for the people of Malang.
  • The unique thing is that there are very many cafes in the city and each has a unique blend of coffee that you can try out.
  • There are also varieties if tea imported from all over the world that you could indulge in.