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Things to do in Malang.

  • Malang as a city has a very rich culture that you can explore. The city in itself has historic roots dating back to the Singhasari kingdom.
  • There are very many places to visit in this city to enjoy their culture such as;


  • Malang has been involved in so many historical events that have taken place in the country of Indonesia and during these events, the locals erected monuments to be able to remember and commemorate these events.
  • One of the best examples is the Tugu monuments, which signifies independence from the Dutch empire.
  • Another monument that is a very important part of Indonesia's history is the MiG-17 aircraft monument with the NATO code "Fresco" which symbolizes the strength of the airforce.
  • This monument is located in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta.

Balekambag beaches.

  • These beaches are located roughly 60km to the south of Malang.
  • There are actually three major beaches here but are collectively referred to as Balekambag and this is such a nice place to visit to get away from the crowd and busy city lifestyle.
  • The beaches are of course safe to swim and to do other activities such as jet skiing which is a fun thing to do.
  • The beaches offer some very stunning coastal scenarios to enjoy if you are a photographer or just enjoy nature.
  • There are some off-shore islands that can be visited such as Palau Sembu.
  • This beach can be visited by catering a boat.

Singosari temple.

  • This is a well-preserved Hindu temple and experts date it back to 1300 AD and show the dominance of the Hindu religion in East Java before the arrival of Islam in the region.
  • This walk down memory lane gives you a glimpse into early architecture which is itself very pleasing to see.

There are very many places and things to visit in Malang and the more time you have the more the places you will visit.