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Public transport in the Maldives

  • Public transport in the Maldives includes:
  1. Ferries
  2. Taxis
  3. Seaplane
  4. Speedboat
  5. Dhoni
  6. Walking


  • Ferries are the cheapest means of transport from the airport on Hulhule island and cost only $1. Ferries are also the best inter-island transport option for budget travelers costing about MVR 30-60 ( less than $5) for a 4-hour journey. While airport ferries work every day, inter-island ferries don’t operate on Fridays and generally run from 6 am to 6 pm. Airport ferries operate 24/7.


  • In the busy towns of Male and Addu taxis are everywhere and are a common way of getting around. Since Male is a small city taking a taxi to any point within the city won’t cost you anything more than MVR 50. Taxi-hailing apps operating in Male include Dialacab, New Taxi, and Luxury taxi.


  • These are the best option for people in a hurry, visiting very remote islands, or want to get a unique view of the islands. These planes fly very low offering great photography and filming views. Seaplanes are operated by Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) and are generally pricey with prices ranging from MVR 3000-7000. TMA also has a desk at the arrivals hall at Velana international airport and offers transfers from the airport to various islands. Seaplanes carry a maximum of 15 people but when travelers have lots of luggage the number of passengers reduces and you’ll have to pay more. Seaplanes don’t fly at night.

Speedboat/ Water taxi

  • This is a quick and inexpensive way to get around the islands. You can catch a speedboat from the ferry jetty or ask your resort to book you a boat. Price ranges differ a lot depending on where you’re visiting and the type of speedboat used. Many speedboat companies also have their offices in Male, you can make bookings here.


  • A dhoni is a traditional Arabic vessel that resembles a dhow. These offer a more traditional way to sail around the Maldives while offering a cheap mini cruise experience. The dhoni harbor is at the eastern end of the ferry jetty. Daily dhoni rental rates start at MVR 1000.


  • Male is a small island and you can walk to any place you want to access. Many resorts also offer bike rentals to get around the atolls where they are located. There’s no any major bike-sharing service in the Maldives currently.