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Submitted on Jul 27, 2018 Useful Info

What not to bring to Maldives

There are a bunch of things that aren't allowed to be brought into Maldives in addition to the standard stuff everywhere else (like guns):

  • Alcohol. You can't bring alcohol into Maldives as a tourist, including anything you bought at duty free at your departure airport. It's not that alcohol is banned in the country, it's just that only resorts and other permitted businesses are allowed to bring them in
  • Religious items. Maldives specifically bans 2 kinds of religious items from entering. So to avoid hassles just don't bring anything religious, even for personal use (Bible, cross, etc.)
  1. Idols for worshipping. Innocuous-seeming things like statuettes or pictures of Jesus, Buddha, and anything else with religious connections are banned. When I went to Maldives I forgot that I had this wood carving of buddha that I bought in Thailand as a souvenir before flying to Maldives. At the exit the customs saw it through the x-ray and confiscated it
  2. Materials that are critical of Islam
  • Pork. If you're planning to bring snacks just make sure it's clearly labelled that it doesn't have pork in it

Here's the official government site for the full list of restricted items