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Manila Safety Overview

Although Philippines is a home of wonderful, hospitable and friendly people, glorious beaches and waterfalls, great food and culture, there are still a lot of places that are unsafe to go to. Manila is the country's capital and even though there has been a large number of recorded population of visiting and residing foreigners, there is still a huge reminder and alert for the residents and tourists in terms of safety and security.

During peak seasons and holidays, the Philippine National Police records show that there is a regular increase of crime rate during holiday seasons in a lot of areas in Manila.

In Metro Manila, the places with high crime rates include Ermita, Sampaloc, Sta. Cruz, Baclaran-Parañaque-Pasay route, Caloocan and Mandaluyong as indicated by red arrows in the map below.

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  1. Do not go out so late at night time.
  2. Do not go to places such as streets, corners, and junctions with minimum lighting. Most thieves will try to rob you in dark places and places with less people.
  3. Do not go somewhere private with someone you just met.
  4. Beware of crowded and busy places such as the LRTs, MRTs, Malls, Clubs, Jeepneys and Bus Terminals, markets, and even in the streets where pick-pocketing and snatching is rampant.
  5. When using taxis, do not take one with quoted price fare. Usually if you are a tourist, local taxi drivers will double the price of the fare. Always choose a metered taxi.
  6. When you want your money changed into pesos, do not go to money changers you see in the sidewalks or streets. Always go to a bank or airport where its safe.
  7. Familiarize Philippine currency and the value of pesos. There is a big possibility that vendors and drivers might double or even triple the price of the goods they are selling if you are a tourist.
  8. Always put your valuables somewhere hard to find. Even hotel rooms are targets of robbery.