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Updated on Apr 13, 2019 Useful Info

Top night markets to check out in Manila

There are lots of small street markets in Manila and they sell everything from clothes to food to souvenirs. The best way to find them is to just walk around the neighborhood you're in. That said, here is a list of some of the biggest ones in Manila that are quite well known. You can't go wrong with any of them. I've divided the markets into two types: open street markets and hawker centers.

List of night markets at a glance:

Open street markets

These are the typical night markets you see in Southeast Asia, with hundreds of vendors setting up little stalls on open streets that sell everything from clothes to accessories to toys to souvenirs to food. They are usually very busy and chaotic, so make sure to watch your belongings as there are pickpockets everywhere. I'm not the biggest fan of these markets as they are quite dirty. But they sell a lot of essential everyday items to many Filipinos so it's a great place to experience local life

Quiapo Market: Open everyday from morning to well past midnight. Located here

Tutuban Night Market: Open everyday from 7pm to past midnight. Located here

Divisoria Market: Open all day until about 10pm. Located here

Baclaran Market: Open everyday from 6am to well past midnight. Located here

Hawker centers

These are smaller enclosed spaces that are more managed than street markets. They mainly sell food, and I personally like these a LOT better than open street markets because the variety and quality of food is much better, and the atmosphere is more orderly and upscale than open street markets. They cater mainly to locals so they're also great places to experience local life

Mercato Centrale: Open Tuesday - Saturday 6pm to 3am. Located here. See more info on their Facebook page

Intramuros Night Market: Open everyday from 3pm to midnight. Located here. Check more info on their Facebook page

Sabroso Street Food Market: Open Wednesday-Friday from 8:30pm to 4am. Located here. Check more info on their Facebook page

Circuit Makati Night Market: Circuit Makati is a very big mall in Makati, and they host night markets in their parking lot every Saturday and Sunday in April from 4pm to 11pm. Last year they extended through June because of how popular it was, so they will probably do the same again this year. They also run weekend holiday markets from November to the weekend before Christmas. Located here. Check their website for current market opening information