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Where to get free wifi in Manila

  • When you're in Manila, you almost never have to worry about not being able to find free wifi hotspots when you need to connect to the internet for something quick
  • The main kinds of places that offer free wifi are:
  • Chain cafes and restaurants: Starbucks, McDonald's, Figaro, Burger King, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Independent cafes: almost every cafe you come across in Manila will likely offer you free wifi if you purchase something from them. They usually don't do time limit either so you can spend hours online. Local restaurants don't usually offer free wifi
  • Shopping malls: most modern shopping malls in Manila will offer visitors free wifi. Just go in and open your phone to find the network
  • Major hotel lobbies: this is hit or miss, as some hotels will require guest room information in order to login, while others will have public wifi. Smaller and local hotels also don't usually offer free wifi in the lobby, however
  • EDSA: this is a major road whose full name is Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. It runs from the airport area to Makati. There is free public wifi along this road that you can connect to. There are multiple network names you can connect to for free wifi including "FREE EDSA WIFI", "#SmartWifi @ MRT EDSA", and "@Globe_EDSAWifi". The speed varies but you should be able to access email and Facebook with no problem, Spotify and YouTube streaming can be sketch in certain spots. See more details here