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How to book a riad in Marrakesh.

It is often hard to book a good hotel as each hotel comes with its own disadvantages. In Morocco, however, it is much simpler as you could opt to book a riad instead.

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house palace with an internal garden or courtyard. It is a better option compared to hotel rooms because of:

  • Scenery- With an internal courtyard, it is a marvel to look at. You could even enjoy a bit of gardening while you are away. The tranquil surrounding is often a boost.
  • Spacious - One could opt to go for even a 4 bedroom riad in case the family is large. A riad reduces the crowded nature of major hotels and one can enjoy a whole pool to themselves.

A riad can range from $26 to $126 depending on the type and size. You could decide to rent only a single room or up to the whole riad. Some riads come equipped with Wi-Fi and digital amenities which beat the slow Wi-Fi in many hotels.

To book a riad, one can use Airbnb.

  • You simply log into your account if you already have one or create one if you do not.
  • You choose the riad that is compatible with your trip and travel arrangements.
  • You can opt to pay directly via bank or by using PayPal.
  • Once you receive confirmation, you will be set to go.

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