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How to see sunrise on Masada


  • Masada is the ruins of an ancient Jewish city on top of a rocky plateau, overlooking the Dead Sea
  • It's one of the historically significant sites in Jewish history. So while it's a very nice spot for photos, keep in mind that it's not just a tourist attraction

Sunrise on Masada

Here's how we did the trip

  • Masada is in the middle of nowhere. It's about 100km from from Jerusalem
  • We rented a car from Jerusalem and drove to Ein Bokek (a resort town on the Dead Sea) the day before to spend the night. From Ein Bokek, it's only a 20-ish minute drive to Masada
  • I don't recommend leaving from Jerusalem in the morning. You'll need to drive through the West Bank and there are security checkpoints along the way. Better to deal with all that the day before than stressing about it the morning of.
  • I think Masada opens 1 hour before sunrise (you can just Google "Masada sunrise" and Google will show you precise sunrise time). We left Ein Bokek at around 330am in the morning. The road wasn't lit and I remember it was a little hard to drive
  • When we got to Masada, we parked the car and bought the tickets (20 shekels per person, or ~$5.5 US). It was really dark so we just ended up going to where other tourists went to find the ticket booth. There will be a lot of other tourists (a lot of Birthright group tours)
  • Then we just followed people to climb along the foot path. The climb took about 50 minutes for us. But if you're fit you can easily do it in 30-40 minutes
  • There's a cable car but it doesn't open until 8am, way past the sunrise time
  • Keep in mind that even at 4am in the morning the temperature here is pretty high (because the Dead Sea is the lowest continental point in the world). When we climbed it was about 100 degrees (~40C). So bring a large bottle of water with you and dress light
  • When we got to the top we were a bit disappointed to see that it fairly busy and packed on top. A lot of young North American kids in groups (I think Birthright) and they were pretty loud. You'll have to fight for a spot to take the sunrise photo

View from the top

View towards the Dead Sea

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