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Submitted on Jul 19, 2020 Useful Info

How to get from Medellin's Jose Cordova Airport to the city center

  • Medellin airport is about 35km from the city center in Rio Negro municipality. Most convenient way to get from the airport to Medellin is by taxi.
  • Taxis available from the airport to Medellin:
  1. White taxis
  2. Yellow taxis
  3. Mobile taxis: Uber, Beat, DiDi. All 3 are available in Medellin.
  4. Collectivos

White Taxis and Collectivos

  • White taxis are the official airport taxis while yellow taxis are the local taxis in Medellin.
  • For white taxis fares are fixed. From the airport taxis can use the old route or the new tunnel route, it's faster. The taxi fares on the sign at the airport and on the airport website refer to fares while using the old route. Using the new route will cost you an extra 5000 pesos.
  • Fare to Medellin by white taxi is 80000 pesos on the new route and 75000 if you use the old route.
  • Scam to watch out for: Fare is inclusive of toll fees. Some driver may ask for extra money for toll fees if they realize you're an unsuspecting tourist "gringo".
  • Collectivos are shared white taxis. You'll share the taxi with 3 or 4 other passengers
  • Fare is 20000 pesos per passenger if you use the new route and 17000 pesos if using the old route.
  • Collectivos will drop you off at San Diego mall. You can catch another taxi, bus or metro from the nearby Exposiciones metro station.
  • Good to know: Collectivos to the airport are also boarded at San Diego Mall.
  • Yellow taxis use taxi meters though you can negotiate fare with your taxi driver.

Bus (Busetas)

  • Medellin metro does not serve Jose Maria Cordova airport making buses the cheapest means of transport from the airport.
  • Bus fare from the airport to Medellin is 10000 pesos. Fare is paid to the driver on board.
  • Buses to Medellin from the airport run all day after every 15 minutes. Buses from the airport to San Diego mall run after every 15 minutes from 4.00 am to 10. 00 pm.
  • Where to board buses at the airport: outside gate 2A and 2B.
  • It takes one hour to get to the city center by the old route ( buses heading to Nutibara hotel and the northern terminal use this route). Most buses use the new tunnel route taking about 30 minutes to get to the city center. Buses stopping at San Diego mall use this route.
  • From the Nutibara hotel you can catch the metro at the nearby Parque Berrio Metro station.