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Submitted on Jun 23, 2019 Useful Info

Safety tips for Medellin

  • The security question is still a major concern to locals and tourists visiting Medellin. Here are some tips to help you not to encounter any security threats in Medellin.

Dress like the locals

  • Colombians really don't have a freestyle way of dressing, people wear jeans and shirts even on hot days( generally, they dress conservatively). Keep off sandals, shorts, flip flops, and flashy jewelry so that you can easily fit in. That reduces your chances of being targeted by pickpockets.

Be careful with motorcycles

  • There are more motorcycles than cars in Medellin and they tend to be very chaotic during rush hours. If you've rented a car and it's your first time driving in this city, consider parking your car and taking a taxi or the metro during rush hours.

Do not resist

  • If you are attacked and you happen to be alone, give the robbers what they want and they are most likely going to leave you unharmed.

Take care even in neighborhoods considered safe

  • Places such as El Poblado and Parque Lleras are known to be among the safest neighborhoods in the city and are increasingly becoming a target for criminals as they know that most unsuspecting tourists tend to stay in such neighborhoods. Even when in such places be cautious.

Neighborhoods to avoid

  1. Santa Cruz
  2. Manrique
  3. El Centro ( downtown Medellin)- this area is especially known for pickpockets. When in El Centro stick to streets that are well trafficked.